28 Dwarf Vegetables to Grow | Best Mini Vegetables to Grow

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Are you looking for some Dwarf Vegetables to Grow in a small space? Here are the best Mini Vegetables to Grow in tiny containers!

If you live in a small urban home or apartment, there is always a way for you to have a lovely kitchen garden. Here are some delicious Dwarf Vegetables to Grow in small pots!

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Dwarf Vegetables to Grow

1. Cherry Tomatoes

Dwarf Vegetables to Grow

Botanical Name: Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme

Cherry tomatoes are one of the most suitable vegetables for containers. You can easily grow them in small to medium-sized containers or hanging baskets.

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2. Cauliflower

Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea var. botrytis

There are wide dwarf cauliflower varieties available that you can grow in pots in your small garden for higher yield. Besides cauliflowers, you can also grow other brassicas.

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3. Baby Artichokes

Dwarf Vegetables to Grow 2

Botanical Name: Cynara scolymus

The difference between the full-sized artichokes and the dwarf kind is that the little artichokes actually do not have a choke. You can eat the whole of them if you just peel their external layer of leaves.

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4. Baby Eggplants

Botanical Name: Solanum melongena

You can grow any eggplant varieties in containers in a small garden. Go for round Mauve eggplant, Little Finger eggplant, and Casper eggplant for tasty fruits in a little space.

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5. Dwarf Carrots

Dwarf Vegetables to Grow 3

Botanical Name: Daucus carota

This type of carrot can be produced all year and are a bit sweet. Select between round, white or French carrots. If you prefer to eat tender carrots, go for the French ones.

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6. Green beans

Botanical Name: Phaseolus vulgaris

The dwarf French beans “Haricot Verts” are very appealing in many European countries. These are thinner and tender than ordinary green beans and are one of the best mini vegetables to grow in tiny containers.

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7. Dwarf Lettuce

Dwarf Vegetables to Grow 10

Botanical Name: Pistia stratiotes

The Iceberg, Salad Bowl, the Red Royal oak leaf, Little Gem and green leaf sorts can be produced year-round and do not require much space, making them an excellent choice for small urban gardens.

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8. Baby Green Onion

Botanical Name: Allium fistulosum

The dwarves of the green onion taste like chives and can also be grown all year round. You can easily grow these on a sunny kitchen windowsill too.

9. Dwarf Avocado

Dwarf Vegetables to Grow 15

Botanical Name: Persea americana

These tiny avocados have no seed. Also called cocktail avocados, they do not require any special gardening skills to be grown and are suitable for container gardening.

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10. Patty Pan Squash


Botanical Name: Cucurbita pepo

Also known as scallop squash, this summer squash variety is reaped when it is between 2-4 inches wide. It has a mild flavor like zucchini.

11. Miniature Bell Peppers

Dwarf Vegetables to Grow 20

Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum

Miniature bell peppers are dwarf cultivars that can be grown from seeds. They perform well in pots and can be grown easily on a balcony.

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12. Kalettes


Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea

It is a hybrid of kale and brussels sprouts. Its small floret leaves can be cooked easily or eaten raw. Kalettes have a nutty and savory taste that’s milder than kale.

13. Biquinho Yellow Pepper

Dwarf Vegetables to Grow 22

Botanical Name: Capsicum chinense

These bright yellow peppers are crispy and sweet with hints of smokiness like poblano. They also make for a lovely ornamental plant.

14. Tom Thumb Peas

Botanical Name: 

This heirloom vegetable grows up to 8-12 inches tall and produces full-sized pea pods. It is a non-hybrid plant, so you can save the seeds to plant for the next year.

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15. Orange Hat Tomato

Dwarf Vegetables to Grow 45

Botanical Name: Solanum Lycopersicum

This micro dwarf tomato has a tender skin, mild flavor, and high fragrance. The plant grows up to 6-8 inches in height. For best growth, use a 3/4 gallon-sized pot.

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16. Hedou Bok Choy


Botanical Name: Brassica rapa ‘Hedou’

This little bok choy grows up to 2-3 inches wide and becomes ready to harvest in just 15-20 days. You can also grow them in railing planters.

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17. Tennessee Dancing Gourd

Dwarf Vegetables to Grow 46

Botanical Name: Cucurbita pepo var. ovifera

Also known as the spinning top gourd, it can be an excellent addition to curries and stir fry recipes. You can easily grow it in medium to small pots.

18. Greek Dwarf Basil


Botanical Name: Ocimum basilicum ‘Dwarf Greek’

This variety was introduced in 2020 during the lockdown. It has an intense savory flavor, which makes it an excellent addition to garnishing dishes.

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19. Dwarf Blue Curled Vates Kale

Dwarf Vegetables to Grow 47

Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea

This compact heirloom plant offers tightly packed heads with curly, crinkled, blue-green leaves. You can grow it as a spring or a fall crop.

20. Tokinashi Turnip

Botanical Name: Brassicaceae

Tokinashi turnip is a cold-hardy variety with a crisp, smooth, and sweet taste. For best growth, ensure it gets 4-5 hours of sunlight daily.

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21. Picolino Cucumber

Dwarf Vegetables to Grow 48

Botanical Name: Cucumis sativus ‘Picolino’

This snacking cucumber has thin, glossy, dark green skin. It can be harvested once grown up to 4-5 inches tall. It is one of the best mini vegetables to grow in tiny containers.

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22. Jack Be Little Pumpkins


Botanical Name: Cucurbita pepo

Jack Be Little Pumpkins are compact miniature pumpkins with a rich citrus taste that become intense in sweetness when roasted or baked.

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23. Chinese Broccoli

Dwarf Vegetables to Grow 49

Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea Alboglabra Group

This variety of sprouting broccoli is easier to grow and takes less room. Grow it from seed in winter in mild climates.

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24. Thai Lavender Frog Egg Eggplant


Botanical Name: Aubergine ‘Thai Lavender Frog’

This miniature heirloom produces 1-3 inches long vegetables. Toss them in curry, soups, or stir-fries for the best taste.

25. Tennis Ball Lettuce


Botanical Name: Lactuca sativa cv

Tennis Ball Lettuce is a bibb-type variety with light green leaves in a tennis ball shape. Plant it in medium-sized pots and provide ample sunlight.

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26. Ivy gourd

Botanical Name: Coccinia grandis

This vining plant will be more than happy to dwell in a 6-8 inches pot. Just make sure you use well-draining soil, provide ample light, and give it support.

27. Cucamelon

Botanical Name: Melothria scabra

If you are a salad fan, growing Cucamelon is one of the best ways to enjoy it fresh on the platter. A little sunny space on a balcony and a medium-sized pot are all you need.

28. Kiwano Melon

Botanical Name: Cucumis metuliferus

Also popular as African horned cucumber and jelly melon, it tastes excellent when ripe, and you can also use it to make jams. A small pot with a cage or trellis is all you need to grow it.

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