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Follow our 10 tips when starting a balcony flower garden and you can grow beautiful and colorful flowers without a garden.

Balcony Flower Garden

1. Start with a few pots

balcony garden flower Start with a few pots

If you have started recently, do not immediately fill up your balcony with so many plants. Give some time. Begin with 3 to 5 plants at a time. Once you have a green thumb, go for more.

2. Three Important Factors

plants for west faced balcony

Choose what kind of plants you would like to have to put on your balcony. It depends on three essential factors:

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  1. The climate you are living in.
  2. The direction of your balcony and its exposure to the sun.
  3. The time you have available to treat them.

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*A north-facing, shady balcony is not appropriate to grow flowering plants.

3. Choose Right Plants

Plants for east faced balcony

In the beginning, buy 2-3 annual flowering plants and 2-3 perennials. Perennials that are native and most suitable in your climate are the first ones you should try. A rose is an all-time favorite though it requires maintenance, consider adding it. Also, check out how to make a small rose garden on a balcony.

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Annuals are pretty easy to grow. Unlike perennials, they live for a short time (a few months) and bloom prolifically. You can choose them according to the season, start with popular ones and experiment.

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4. Don’t Grow Annuals from Seeds

balcony flower garden

Quirky advice? Well, no! First, growing plants from seeds are not easy; it requires effort and time. Second, plants (annuals) take time when grown from seeds, and if you have not started the seeds at the right time, they will begin to flower late, maybe at the end of the season. So for a small space like a balcony, it is better to buy potted plants.

5. Grow in Combinations


Don’t grow flowering plants alone, especially annuals. Create beautiful combinations!

6. Thriller-Spiller-Filler

spiller filler thriller post

For a balcony flower garden, use Thriller Spiller Filler concept to create excellent arrangements of plants in containers. Read our article for more information.

7. Seasonality

flower balcony garden

To have a year-round blooming flower garden on the balcony, choose plants that bloom at different times of the year. Buy annuals for every season and remove them once their blooming period ends. Keep perennials that bloom in a different period.

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8. Colors

beautiful flowering balcony garden

Do not use plants with more than 3 different colors in addition to green. This way, your balcony will not look too busy or over-cluttered, and you will continue to enjoy a rational and airy feel.

Even better, choose a color palette using different tones or shades of the same color, or using complementary colors to create a more beautiful vista. See our guide on how to choose colors for a garden for help.

9. Pots

colorful pot on flowering balcony garden

Buy right containers, for a balcony; plastic planters are great for vertical use. When selecting containers, prefer to have them in the same color to create harmony.

10. Buy Accessories and Pebbles

accesories on flower balcony garden

Buy one or two small garden accessories to adorn your balcony flower garden. Also, above the soil put pebbles, gravels, and colorful stones. This will work as mulch and also give a great look to your containers.


  1. I’d really like to know the plant types in the pot with Elephant ears (specifics) so I can recreate it. As well as the other pot with the huge leaves. They were the whole reason I read this article. Thanks

  2. If the garden can be arranged with some extra artistic elements like mind, then it sure will make it more like full of mind.It brings a man and woman closer to nature. Nature in its full glory is revealed in a garden. It leads man from joy to joy. your balcony garden tips more helpful for us.

  3. You can also bring out your tropicals for the summer. And some perennials do very well over wintering in pots outside. Day lily, iris, sedum, etc. are good choices. Sometimes you just have to experiment. And don’t forget your veggies. Kale and collards are perennials and some are quite ornamental.


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