Balcony Wall Designs | 16 Balcony Interior Pictures for Inspiration

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Check out these iconic Balcony Wall Designs that we have hand-picked to help you add a sense of style and drama. 

Transform the outdoor space of your apartment with these stunning Balcony Wall Designs that elevate not just the aesthetics but also the functionality of your space.

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Balcony Wall Designs

1. Keep it Simple with White Walls

Balcony Wall Designs 1

Have a wooden deck adorned with amazing planters and a couch? Go with a simple white wall for an elegant design that will give your balcony the illusion of being bigger.

2. Raw Brick Balcony Wall Design

Raw Brick Balcony Wall Design

You can leave a wall or two without plaster for a raw look. This is a good idea as it will let the natural aesthetics of the brick wall shine.

3. Wall Full of Foliage

Balcony Designs Wall Full of Foliage

With a mix of ferns, big-leafed plants, and some heart-shaped foliage, you, too, can create a stunning balcony wall design that’ll make everyone look twice!

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4. Balcony Wall with Lights

Balcony Wall with Lights

A rustic wall with lights highlighting the faux attachments is a head-turner. Pair it with real or faux plants of your choice to complete the look.

5. Gray Wall Full of Art

Balcony Gray Wall Full of Art

You don’t need flashy colors to make the balcony stand out! Take inspiration from this idea and paint it gray. Don’t forget the artwork for decorating the balcony wall.

6. Modern Stone Wall

Balcony Modern Stone Wall

Try a touch of modern and cover the wall with stones. You can choose the one you love as they come in amazing natural colors of brown, gray, red, and black.

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7. Hanging Mat and String Lights

Hanging Mat and String Lights

Do you keep getting bored of the balcony wall? Hang a beautiful mat and string lights, and see what they do for the balcony!

8. Pallet Wood Stand for the Wall

Balcony Designs Pallet Wood Stand for the Wall

If you’re short on space for your plants, this pallet wood wall stand is perfect for decorating balcony walls by hanging pots!

9. Wooden Planks on Wall to Hang Planters

Wooden Planks on Wall to Hang Planters balcony wall idea

Don’t you just love weaving baskets full of beautiful flowers? Hang these on a balcony wall adorned with wooden planks. This idea is perfect for some privacy, too.

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10. Modern Wall Shelves

Balcony Wall Designs Modern Shelves

Make the balcony stand out by adorning the wall with modern wall shelves. You will have plenty of space for your favorite plants and art.

11. Floral Wallpapers

Floral Wallpapers balcony wall ideas

If you’re looking for a cheap way to turn your balcony into a masterpiece, you can add wallpapers of plants, flowers, or what not!

12. Moroccan Rug on the Wall with Hanging Pots

Balcony Wall Designs Moroccan Rug on the Wall with Hanging Pots

Make your balcony a makeover by changing the wall using balcony wall decor, hanging planters, and a Moroccan wall rug. Pair it with a carpet for the floor, and see it light up!

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13. Bamboo Wall

balcony Bamboo Wall ideas

Here’s another quick, easy, cheap balcony wall design you can do yourself. All you need are bamboo planks.

14. Green Wall Neon Sign

Balcony Wall Designs Green Neon Sign

Nothing subtle about this peaceful green balcony wall with the neon sign! You should give this one a try.

15. Dark Picket Fence with Wall Art

balcony Dark Picket Fence with Wall Art

Here’s a simple but eye-catching wall idea using a tall, dark picket fence and sprucing it up with wall art by sticking faux foliage and adding potted plants next to it!

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16. Trellis Wall

Balcony Wall Designs Trellis Wall

If you love potted plants, you’ll love this idea of a plain wall covered with a balcony wall decor trellis to have all the potted plants you want.

Ready to make your balcony awesome? Try these cool balcony wall designs and turn your space into a paradise! It’s super easy and loads of fun. So, grab some paint, plants, and lights, and let your creativity bloom. 

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