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Easy Container Vegetables for Balcony & Rooftop Garden | Container Vegetable Gardening

Container Vegetable Gardening allows you to cultivate edibles in a limited space! Have a look at some Easy Container Vegetables you can grow!

Don’t have a garden to grow veggies? Don’t worry! Opt for Container Vegetable Gardening and enjoy an organic and fresh harvest easily!

Container Vegetable Gardening

1. Beans

terrace vegetable garden

Most of the beans are climbers and you can grow them on your balcony or rooftop garden near a wall. Make sure you select a spot that gets ample sunlight.

Grow them in 10-12 inches deep pots and a trellis-like structure for support. Since beans fix the nitrogen, you can grow summer savory, kale, spinach, and celery with it in a large pot.

2. Tomatoes

Without a doubt, tomatoes are the easiest to grow if you can expose them to plenty of sunlight. You could also try cherry tomatoes for a higher yield.

3. Lettuce

growing lettuce on balcony

Growing lettuce in pots is easy as it grows up quickly and you will have the opportunity to harvest repeatedly.

For growing lettuce, choose a wide planter rather than a deep one Remember, leaf lettuces can be grown more closely than head lettuces. Use well-draining soil and do shallow and frequent watering to keep the soil slightly moist always.

4. Cucumber

growing cucumber on balcony

Cucumbers are one of the easy container vegetables though they require regular watering, full sun, warm temperature, and fertilizer. If you have some space, instead of growing dwarf and bushier varieties grow tall, climbing varieties for higher yield.

5. Peppers and Chilies

container vegetable gardening

After tomatoes, peppers and chilies are the easiest to grow in containers and they are most productive too. If you keep the pot in a sunny spot and provide the right soil and fertilizer at the time, this vegetable will fruit prolifically.

6. Carrots

growing carrots on balcony

Sow the seeds of carrot varieties that are short instead of standard ones as they require more room to grow their roots. Keep the plants in full to partial sun. Also, carrots are susceptible to mildew so don’t wet the foliage.

7. Radishes

cherry radish

Radishes are one of the quickest growing vegetables and are suitable for container vegetable gardening. They are ready for the harvest in 24-60 days, depending on the variety.

8. Peas


Peas require moist soil and cool to moderate weather to thrive. All varieties are suitable for container gardening but dwarf bushier varieties are better.  You can grow 4-6 plants in a 12 inches wide container.

9. Eggplants

easy container vegetables

For growing eggplant, choose a 10-12 inches deep and wide pot. Choose a spot that gets a minimum of 5-7 hours of direct sun. You’ll also have to provide support to plant by means of staking or caging.

10. Beets


It is a fast-growing crop and you don’t need a large container for planting it. Use a well-draining potting mix and give it plenty of sunlight for a bumper harvest.

11. Potatoes


Potatoes are also a great option for containers as long as they get full sun. Use a large container that’s at least 12-14 inches deep. You can also opt for grow bags.

12. Squash

Squash requires plenty of light, rich, well-draining soil, constant watering, and fertilizer. G with ‘Honeybear’ which is a small award-winning variety and is best for pots.

13. Arugula


The leaves of this vegetable are delicious and it also has edible sweet flowers. This plant does best in plenty of sunlight. Also, avoid overwatering to keep potential diseases at bay.

Read about the best arugula companion plants here

14. Cole Crops

Broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower come under Cole crops and you can grow these veggies easily in pots. Though avoid planting all varieties in a single container.


  1. i am really inspired and would like to learn gowing fruits and vegetables on the roof of my house.i have already placed an order for big pots. as i am going to do it for the first time so i need guidance.i wish someone help me in getting seeds etc and will let me know how to do it.

    • hi,
      from where did you get big pots.
      i want to grow vegetables on my house roof top, so i need big pots.
      i am from delhi paschim vihar area.

      • Pots and containers are pretty expensive and the prices may put you off.

        Use poly open top self standing bags instead. They are cost effective, long lasting, light in weight, easily stored and most suited for the job.

        Contact us for supplies +91 9816075144

  2. I’ve got some wonderful kale in pots on my balcony and I did try cucumbers. But the cuc’s are incredibly thirsty and to be honest, I felt like it’s slave! Constant watering which isn’t easy to do on an apartment balcony when you’re hauling water from the kitchen sink.

  3. Just planted my seeds for a salad garden. Purchased pots and soil. Looking forward to the abundant yield! Any tips for cherry tomatoes?


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