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Roses bring both the charm and fragrance in your garden. Here are some of the Different Types of Roses that you must grow!

There are majorly two classes of Roses-Modern roses, which are hybridized varieties of old roses, being bred since 1867 and old roses, in existence even before the modern roses. Both types differ in terms of fragrance and size. You can grow these Different Types of Roses in garden beds, pots, patios, or pergolas.

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Modern Garden Roses

1. Climbing Roses

Popular Varieties: Fourth of July, Alchymist, May Queen, Eden, Dublin Bay, Rosa ‘Peace’

Height: 8-16 feet

Climbing roses produce large flowers, multiple times, during their growing seasons. They have upright canes that can be trained on supports like pergolas, trellises, or arches. Also, climbers produce more flowers when they grow vertically.

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2. Shrub Roses

Popular Varieties: English, Beach, Iceberg

Height: 4-6 feet

Shrub roses are the crossbreed of modern and old roses, hence, combine features of both. These roses are cold-hardy and tend to spread vastly. Also, they do not need much care and are disease-resistant to some extent as well.

3. Miniature Roses


Popular Varieties: Amy Grant, Baby Boomer, Baby Love

Height: 13 feet

These small-sized roses are a perfect addition to pots, hanging baskets, and hedges. Miniature roses are a hybrid of tea roses. Most of them are cold-hardy and flower continually for 2-3 weeks.

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4. Hybrid Tea Roses


Popular Varieties: Madame Caroline Testout, Elina, Double Delight

Height: 3-8 feet

A crossbreed of perpetual and tea rose, hybrid tea roses’ stem consists of only one flower with 30-50 petals, making them excellent cut flowers. They are easy to care and come in pink, yellow, white, orange, red, green, purple colors, making them one of the best types of roses.

5. Grandiflora Roses

Popular Varieties: Maria Shriver, Earth Song

Height: 3-5 feet

Grandiflora stands out from the different types of roses, with its showy flowers on tall stems, in clusters of 3-5, coming in purple, red, orange, pink, and yellow colors with a pleasing fragrance. They flower from late spring to late summer.

6. Polyantha Roses

Popular Varieties: Bashful Rose, Doc Rose, Grumpy Rose, Happy Rose, Sneezy Rose, China Doll Rose, Fairy Rose

Height: 1-3 feet

Also known as baby roses, polyantha roses are best for edgings, hedges, and containers. They grow prolific blossoms from spring to fall (in winters too in frost-free climates) in pink, red, and white colors. Furthermore, polyantha roses are also low-maintenance and one of the best types of rose plants you can grow in small space!

7. Floribunda Roses

Popular Varieties: Burgundy Ice, Mardi Gras, Tuscan Sun, Betty Boop

Height: 2-4 feet

Cross of hybrid teas and polyanthas, floribunda flowers in clusters with a dense, floral pattern. Many cultivars bloom continually from spring to fall. Also, they are ideal for your landscape or garden bed.

8. Groundcover or Landscape Roses

Image Credit: Flickr
Flower Carpet Roses

Popular Varieties: Flower Carpet Coral, Flower Carpet Pink Supreme, Flower Carpet Scarlet.

Height: 1-3 feet

Coming in orange, pink, scarlet, purple, and white colors and variety of floral patterns, these roses are ideal groundcovers and also become great plants for window boxes and hanging baskets. You can expect them to flower year-round in moderately warm climates.

9. Rambler Roses


Popular Varieties: Kiftsgate, American pillar, Phyllis Bide, Wedding Day, Snow Goose, Malvern Hills

Height: 6-20 feet

Like climber roses, rambler roses grow abundant flowers (15-20) on a single stem. They can be trained on vertical supports like archways or pergolas and used to cover buildings. They also require less maintenance than climbers and be a great alternative to clematis and honeysuckle.

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Old Garden Roses

10. Bourbon Roses

Popular Varieties: Louise Odier, Madame Pierre Oger, Zephirine Drouhin, Souvenir du President Lincoln, Souvenir de La Malmaison

Height: 5-8 feet

Bourbon roses are the perfect blend of beauty and fragrance. These roses, with leathery foliage, flower from spring to autumn, in white to deep pink colors and can be easily grown on pillars, small arbors, and fences.

11. Noisette Roses

Image Source

Popular Varieties: Blush, Aimee Vibert, Blush Noisette, Bouquet d’Or’, Champney’s Pink Cluster, Crepuscule, Madame Alfred Carriere, Reve d’Or’ and Lamarque.

Height: 6-12 feet

Blossoming in huge clusters, noisette roses come in cream, pink, yellow, apricot, and white shades and can be trained on trellis or arbors through their tender stems. However, these roses are not much cold-hardy like the other roses on this list.

12. Hybrid Perpetual Roses

Popular Varieties: Paul Neyron, La Reine, ‘Baroness Rothschild, ‘Baronne Prévost, Candeur Lyonnaise, ‘Ferdinand Pichard, Frau Karl Druschki, Général Jacqueminot, Henry Nevard, Mabel Morrison.

Height: 4-6 feet

The lovely, berry-like aroma of these roses invites many bees in the garden. Hybrid perpetual roses are vigorous growers, coming in pink, purple, red, and white colors and also fragrant making it one of the Best Rose Varieties.

13. Tea Roses

Popular Varieties: Safrano, Maman Cochet, Peace, Mr. Lincoln, Veterans’ Honor, Midas Touch, Friendship, Celebrity, Tropicana, Voodoo.

Height: 3-7 feet

These tea-scented roses have pointed buds that open to large flowers. They have weak flower stalks and are available in white, pink, yellow colors and are the best types of roses for pots. They can also tolerate hot, humid weather.

14. Centifolia Roses

Popular Varieties: Bullata, Cristata, Fantin Latour, Spong, Unique Blanche, The Bishop, Centifolia, Chapeau De Napoléon, Cottage Maid.

Height: 3-7 feet

Centifolia are also known as cabbage roses, because their petals are closely packed with each other, in a globular shape, giving them an appearance of cabbage. They come in white and pink hues with an intense fragrance and flower only once in early summer.

15. Gallica Roses

Popular Varieties: Rosa Mundi, Charles de Mills, Tuscany Superb, Empress Joséphine, Cramoisi Picoté, President De Sèze, Anaïs Ségalas, Assemblage Des Beautés, Belle De Crécy.

Height: 3-5 feet

Gallica roses flower once in early summer and release a heady fragrance. Flowering in diverse colors of deep pink, red, purple, and maroon, these roses are also disease-resistant and best suited for pots or small gardens.

16. Alba Roses

Popular Varieties: Semi plena, Maiden’s Blush, Queen Of Denmark, Amelia, Belle Amour, Blush Hip, Celestial, Félicité Parmentier, Maiden’s Blush.

Height: 6-8 feet.

White to pink flowers, with blue-green foliage of alba roses, are best suited for in shady areas like a balcony or patio, as they can tolerate cold and shade both. It is one of the best types of roses you can grow!

17. Moss Roses

Popular Varieties: Crested Moss, Sundial Fuchsia, Afternoon Delight, Calypso Mix, Duet, Fairy Tale, Happy Hour,  Margarita, Mojave, Sundance, Yubi Summer Joy, The Tequila.

Height: 1-2 feet

Moss roses grow small flowers like miniature roses in colors like red, pink, yellow, magenta, dark orange, and white. They are well suited to tropical, warm climates, and their low-growing and trailing habit make them a perfect choice for ground covers and bedding. You can also grow them in hanging baskets as well.

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