24 Offbeat DIY Hanging Planter Ideas

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If you’re looking for unique ideas for growing plants indoors or outdoors, these Offbeat DIY Hanging Planter Ideas are for you!

You must be creative with Offbeat DIY Hanging Planter Ideas to give your garden a playful look. There’s nothing better than these planters made from unused home items hanging in line and beautiful plants trailing them.

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Offbeat DIY Hanging Planter Ideas

1. Hanging Terrarium

Offbeat DIY Hanging Planter 1

The DIY hanging terrarium planter is perfect for keeping indoors and looks incredible. You can do this without difficulty with a few supplies and plants. Visit this DIY and this one.

2. Birdcage Planter

Offbeat DIY Hanging Planter Ideas

Add a little whim to your garden by adding a birdcage planter. You can also hang it on your balcony. The step-by-step article is available here!

3. Hanging Purse Garden

Hanging Purse Garden Repurpose old and damaged purses into a beautiful hanging garden. Keep the plants in their pots so you can easily slip them out to drain excess moisture.

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4. Hanging Seashell Planter

Hanging Seashell Planter

You’ll need some big conch shells, threads to tie, soil, and trailing succulents, or you can also use air plants. See more of the DIY here!

5. Mason Jar Hanging Planter

Mason Jar Hanging Planter

The mason jars are versatile; we added a few ideas! This DIY Mason Jar planter is not hanging but clamped, which is a wonderful idea. We found it on Allison Patrick’s blog.

6. Hanging Hat Planter

Hanging Hat Planter

If you have a few old hats, use them for this bizarre idea. Hang your planters on a wall covered with a hat, and cut a hole at the top. Now, slide the stems through the hole. And that’s it!

7. Hanging Plastic Bottle Planter

Hanging Plastic Bottle PlanterA simple idea for upcycling old plastic bottles and turning them into beautiful hanging plant pots. Check out the tutorial here.

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8. Creative Hanging Planter

Creative Hanging PlanterWe found this DIY tutorial on Bloglovin and loved it. Here’s the tutorial to help you get started with these beautiful, offbeat hanging planters.

9. Hanging Air Plant Holder

Hanging Air Plant Holder

Impressive DIY for indoors. This unique plant holder is cool for displaying air plants. The step-by-step tutorial is available on Squirrelly Minds.

10. Tin Can Hanging Planter

Tin Can Hanging Planter

If you have tin cans in your homes that you’re about to throw, put them to good use like this idea. Take a look at the DIY here!

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11. Hanging Gloves Planters

Hanging Gloves PlantersIf you love to surprise your visitors, this offbeat DIY hanging planter idea is for you. Just hang the plants in small pots and slide the gloves on the pots from below.

12. Hanging Planters Out of Metal Bowls

Hanging Planters Out of Metal Bowls

These hanging planters are unique and made of metal bowls. It’s a wonderful idea to learn you can easily mimic — visit A Beautiful Mess for the DIY.

13. Ice Cream Cone DIY Hanging Planter

Ice Cream Cone DIY Hanging Planter

A fun DIY hanging planter idea for ice cream lovers. You can make a planter like this for under 10$. The complete tutorial is available on Brit.co.

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14. Hanging Tire Planter

Hanging Tire Planter

Old Tire Uses in the garden are popular, and one of the best ways to use an old tire in the garden is to make it a hanging tire planter. See the DIY tutorial here!

15. Plastic Bottle Hanging Planter

Plastic Bottle Hanging Planter

If you love recycling projects, look at this DIY at PopSugar! Who knew you could turn a plastic bottle into a plant hanger?

16. Hanging Tray Planter

Hanging Tray Planter

Make this easy-hanging offbeat succulent planter with a tray or shallow pot, succulents, threads, and candles. Plant the succulents in a tray with holes on the sides (or drill a few). Hang it, and you’re done!

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17. Leather and Denim Offbeat Hanging Planters

Leather and Denim Offbeat Hanging Planters

Did you know you could put all that old leather and denim into a beautiful offbeat hanger for your plants? Here’s the DIY to help you get started.

18. Wire Sphere for Hanging Plants

Wire Sphere for Hanging Plants

You only need wire and wood for a fantastic DIY hanging planter. You can leave it with a rustic look or add some golden color. Follow this DIY for the tutorial.

19. Wood Log Hanging Planter Idea

Wood Log Hanging Planter Idea

Log hanging planters are a chic way to bring some natural aesthetics indoors. Take the help of this DIY and spruce up your space.

20. Offbeat Hanging Planter from a Lamp

Offbeat Hanging Planter from a Lamp

If you have an old glass lampshade, you can use it for a unique hanging planter that will catch everyone’s eye. Curious? Here’s the DIY.

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21. Iron Hanging Baskets

Iron Hanging Baskets

Can’t seem to get rid of junk? Upcycle it like this DIY hanging planter. You can use an old iron hanging basket, birdcage, or even wires to make one.

22. Gum Boot Hangers

Gum Boot Hangers

Don’t throw away gum boots. Hang them on the garden fence for a fun, offbeat hanging planter for your favorite foliage. Check out the DIY here.

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23. Wine Bottle Hangers

Wine Bottle Hangers

You can also hang your trailing foliage in a wine bottle hanging planter. Add water or moss to an old wine bottle, add the plant, and suspend it using a rope. DIY here.

24. Planter Wall DIY Idea

Planter Wall DIY Idea

Hanging your favorite plants is as easy as 1-2-3 with this offbeat DIY hanging planter you can make with boards and hooks. Get your gardening tools and start building it with this DIY.

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