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Check out some really cool DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials that you can easily copy to flaunt your green friends in style!

If you are short on space, these DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials will help you display plants in all their glory!

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DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials

1. Floating Shelf

DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials

Get some wooden pallets, fitting screws, and wood paint to carve these space-saving floating shelves. Details are here.

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2. Wall Basket Planter

Cool Floating Planters 2

These DIY wall basket planters are easy to install using cane baskets, jewelry wire, pliers, and vining plants of your choice. Learn more here.

3. Wall Mounted Planter

DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials 2

Mount a wooden board on the wall along with some metal planter holders to make the best use of free vertical space in your house. Details are here.

4. Horizontal Ladder Planter

Cool Floating Planters 4

Install a ladder horizontally and hang flower planters using a drilling machine, screws, and metal holders. Learn more here.

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5. Triangular Wall Planter

DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials 3

This triangular open box planter is a creative way to transform a bland wall into an attractive spot. Learn more here.

6. Hanging Bucket Planter

Cool Floating Planters 6

Hang three buckets vertically and grow your favorite flowers or herbs while giving your place a rustic makeover. Details are here.

7. The Succulent Family!

DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials 8

This DIY vertical succulent garden is perfect to amp up the bland walls of your living room. Get the tutorial here.

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8. PVC Wall Planter

Cool Floating Planters 8

Flaunt your creativity by mounting this PVC wall planter using pipe cuttings, spray paint, screws, a hammer, and your favorite houseplant saplings. Learn more here.

9. Hanging Pockets

DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials 10

Upcycle jewelry boxes into hanging plant pockets by mounting them on the wall using a drilling machine, hard glue, and ornamental metal chain. Details are here.

10. Outdoor Wall Planter

Cool Floating Planters 10

An outdoor wall planter is an easy way to flaunt your gardening skills while adding a tropical appeal to your exterior decor. Learn more here.

11. Hanging Plant Holders

DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials 11

These DIY hanging plant holders are an easy and economical way to transform bland walls into extraordinary home decor. Details are here.

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12. Boho Planters

Cool Floating Planters 12

This boho planter decor will steal the show with its super classy and modern aesthetics. Learn the tutorial this.

13. Hanging Macrame Planters from Broomstick

DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials 15

Hang multiple macrame planters from a broomstick and give your interiors the much-needed tropical vibes! Learn more here.

14. Hanging Tire Planter

Cool Floating Planters 14

Upcycle a bike tire into a hanging planter and showcase this hanging garden in your living room or balcony. Learn more here.

15. A Living Wall

Cool Floating Planters 15

Install a metal grid and hang some herb planters randomly on it to complete the look. Details are here.

16. Mug Succulent Holders

DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials 16

Grow succulents in coffee mugs hanging from metal hooks on your kitchen wall inviting some greenery inside. Learn more here.

17. Hanging Bottle Planter

Cool Floating Planters 17

Gather some unused coke bottles, drill drainage holes, color with spray paint, and fill in potting mix to grow lush Pothos in your living room. Learn more here.

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18. Hanging Bamboo Planter

DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials 17

Grab a piece of bamboo, cut pockets inside the hollow structure to fill it with a growing medium, and grow some tasty herbs. Watch the tutorial here.

19. Mason Jar Planter

DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials 21

Mount two wooden planks on the wall holding planters at a spot that gets 2-3 hours of sunlight daily. Get the details here.

20. Mason Jar Indoor Garden

Cool Floating Planters 20

Grow tasty herbs in clean mason jars and enjoy a fresh supply of greens hanging in your kitchen. Learn more here.

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21. Plywood Hanging Planter

DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials 25

Craft this DIY Plywood Hanging Planter by cutting a plywood board into your desired shape to bring the best tropical vibes indoors. Details are here.

22. Vertical Succulent Garden

Cool Floating Planters 22

This DIY Vertical Succulent Garden is sure to win your heart with its classy and aesthetic vibes. Learn more here.

23. Hanging planters with Jute Rope

DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials 28

Hang colorful planters using jute ropes, washi tape, scissors, colors, and your favorite houseplants. Details are here.

24. Brass Ring Planter

Cool Floating Planters 24

The beauty of this project is you can make a tiny little hanging planter or a window full of giant ones, and each one is pretty quick to put together. Click here for details.

25. Green Vertical Wall

DIY Wall Planter Ideas with Tutorials 30

This green vertical wall can be a part of any room where you can easily hang your favorite plants. Check the DIY here.

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