21 Crazy Planting Tips that Will Surprise You to the Core!

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We have some Crazy Planting Tips that Will Surprise You to the Core! Read on to learn some tricks that’ll blow your mind.

Do you enjoy trying out quirky gardening hacks? You must definitely try out these Crazy Planting Tips that Will Surprise You to the Core!

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Crazy Planting Tips that Will Surprise You to the Core!

1. Banana and Red Chilli

Make a cut in a banana without peeling the skin, insert a red chili, and plant it in potting mix. The banana will decompose, and the peel will act as a slow-release fertilizer nourishing your chili plant.

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2. Lemon Seeds in Eggshell

Cut lemon, pick the seeds, spray water, keep in a towel, fold it, and put in a jar; you’ll see the seeds germinating in a few days.

Plant them in eggshells filled with potting mix, and when the shoot emerges, move them to pots by crushing the eggshells without damaging the plant. You’ll soon have fresh lemons for a cool lemonade.

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3. Soak Garlic in Water and See Magic

Soak a garlic bulb in water for a few days, take it out from the water when it sprouts, and plant it in a container filled with potting mix. You’ll harvest fresh garlic greens from this plant in a few days.

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4. Cut Pineapple Head For a New Plant

DIY Home and Garden

Don’t throw the pineapple head in the trash can after enjoying the fruit, as you can use it wisely by growing it in a pot filled with potting mix. You’ll be surprised to have pineapples in some time.

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5. Soak Ginger in Water

Dice the ginger into big pieces, soak them in a bowl filled with water for a few days, and plant in a potting mix; water moderately.

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6. Passion Fruit from Passion Fruit

Have you tried growing passion fruit from an existing fruit? Not yet? Try this crazy hack. Cut passion fruit, pick one of its seeds, and plant in a moist potting mix. Soon you will cherish homegrown passion fruits.

7. Carrots Heads & New Plant

Instead of throwing carrot heads in trash bins, put them in a shallow tray filled with water. In just a few days, carrot green will emerge from the tops. Plant them in separate pots for fresh carrot greens.

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8. Avocado From Its Seeds

Try this easy hack for growing avocado, take the seed from the fruit, peel the skin, insert toothpicks, submerge in a glass filled with water, and soak for a few days. When roots emerge, plant them in a container.

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9. Capsicum and Its Seeds

Cut the capsicum from the center, put the potting mix in the hollow part, add a teaspoon of water, and plant in soil-filled in a pot. Your compostable seed starter is ready.

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10. Corn Plant From Corns

Pick some fresh starchy corn seeds from elongated vegetables, and plant them in moist soil. Soon the seeds will germinate.

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11. Plastic Bottle and Garlic Hack

green farmers

Take a plastic bottle, cut the top portion, fill it with water and submerge the garlic bulb by keeping them upside down. Move the bulb to the soil when roots develop.

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12. Crazy Loofah Hack


Take a loofah, unwrap it, and put a scoop of dragon fruit in the loofah net; fold it and squeeze with pressure. You’ll see the tiny black seeds pop up. Put the seeds on tissue paper, fold them, and mist. Move them to the soil after 3-4 days.

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13. Walnut Wonder


Take a walnut, break the shell from the top, mist with water, and wrap in a paper towel. Keep it moist for up to 7 days. You’ll see it germinates, and now, you can transfer it to the soil. Keep the pot well-watered and put in a sunny location.

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14. Leek Hack

Save the top of the leek; now, take a glass of water and put it upside down in the water. Soon it will sprout and easily regrow.

15. Rose and Toilet Paper Hack

Gardening with Johnson Engleng

Wrapping rose cuttings in toilet paper ensures they get all the necessary moisture for timely root development.

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16. Regrow Celery from Celery Bottoms

Do not throw the roots of celery after cutting the leaves. Instead, dip the bottom in a shallow water-filled bowl. New growth will emerge within a week, after which you may transfer it to a well-draining medium.

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17. Soak Jackfruit Seeds in Water and Watch them Sprout


Scoop out the jackfruit seeds and soak them for a day. Prepare a potting mix and push the seeds into the soil; cover them with a thin layer of potting mix and mist it. Tiny shoots will emerge within a week or two.

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18. Root Alovera in a Ripe Banana


Root aloe easily by cutting a pocket in a ripe banana and tucking in the leaves. The moisture and nutrient content of the fruit will help the succulent grow.

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19 Self-Growing Pumpkins

Split a pumpkin into halves, scoop the seeds in the center and fill it with a well-draining potting mix. Mist the soil and watch new saplings emerging from the soil surface in about a week.

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20. The Peanut Hack


Wrap a few peanuts in tissue paper and soak them for an hour. Take it out and leave it in a dry place for 3-4 days. You’ll find the nuts sprouting, which then can be planted.

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21. Strawberry Hack

Christa’s Garden

You can easily grow strawberries from the store-brought ones by slicing the outer layer along with the seeds and growing them in a potting mix.

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