Super Quick Banana Peel Powder Fertilizer Recipe for More Flowers

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Here’s a simple pictorial guide on making a Banana Peel Powder Fertilizer Recipe at home for your plants and flowers. It works wonders!

If you are wondering about making a Banana Peel Powder Fertilizer Recipe, the process is very simple and easy. Read on the detailed guide with pictures.

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Banana Peel Powder Fertilizer Recipe

1. Take Out the Banana Peels

The next time you buy bananas, do not throw the peels away. Collect them up.

2. Bake Them

Once you have collected the peels of 4-6 bananas, put them on a piece of cardboard or platter and bake them till they become brown and crisp. You will know they are baking well as they smell delicious while at it!

3. Put the Peels in a Plastic Zip Lock Bag and Crush Them

Put the baked peels in a plastic zip-lock bag and crush them using a hammer or a wooden roller. It will reduce them to fine pieces.

4. Voila! Your Banana Peel Fertilizer is Ready!

That’s it! Your banana peel fertilizer is ready. All you have to do now is mix a handful or two in the growing medium every now and then to watch your plants thrive!

As phosphorus helps in flower production, this can work wonders for roses, azaleas, hydrangeas, and other flowering plants.

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