How To Grow Pineapples From A Pineapple At Home With This Easy Hack!

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Learn How to Grow Pineapples from a Pineapple at Home with this easy hack and have fresh homegrown fruits from a store-bought supply!

The next time you bring a pineapple home from a grocery store, use its top wisely to grow a new plant and enjoy a fresh supply of your own! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on How to Grow Pineapples at Home!

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How to Grow Pineapples at Home

1. Get a Good Quality Pineapple

How to Grow Pineapples at Home

To grow pineapples at home, getting a good quality, healthy, and ripe pineapple from an organic garden is important. Look for the one with vibrant green leaves and no signs of pests or disease.

2. Cut the Top Crown

Cut the top crown containing the fleshy leaves with a clean, sanitized knife. Make sure not to damage it in any way.

3. Remove the Base Leaves

How to Grow Pineapples at Home 2

Remove the leaves from the base. The detached leaves will expose tiny brown nubs, from where the roots emerge. This process will facilitate the development of the roots.

4. Fill a Glass or Vase with Water

Take a glass and fill it in half with clean, non-chlorinated water. Ensure the glass is of enough width to hold the bottom portion of the crown in place.

5. Root the Crown in Water

How to Grow Pineapples at Home 4

Dip the crown so that only the leaf-less portion is in contact with the water. Change the water every 3-4 days to bar any chances of fungal growth.

6. Let it Sit in Water

How to Grow Pineapples at Home 8

Place the glass at a location that receives bright indirect sunlight. It is usual for a leaf or two to turn brown with time. But if you find the whole crown drying out with no visible roots within 8 days, the pineapple project needs to be aborted and you should start from scratch again.

7. New Roots

The signs of new roots will emerge in a week. Leave them for another 7-8 days to get a visible root system. Once you see that, the next will be to repot it in soil.

8. Prepare the Growing Medium

How to Grow Pineapples at Home 11

Take a 12-inch deep container and prepare a well-draining potting mix amended with rich organic matter.

9. Plant the Pineapple

How to Grow Pineapples at Home 23

After you have prepared the growing medium, plant the top so that the leaves stay above the soil, not touch it. Water well, and place where it gets 3-4 hours of direct sunlight every day.

10. Watch it Grow!

That’s it! All you have to do now is wait and watch the plant grow and form delicious pineapples for you!

The plant will start to flower from the first year itself and will be ready to fruit in 15-16 months. How early or late—depends more on the weather and the growing condition.

The best part is, till it gets ready to fruit, it looks fantastic as a tropical houseplant that you can flaunt near your window or keep on your balcony or porch.

For complete visual details, watch the video here

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