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Growing Peanuts in Containers | How to Grow Peanut in Pots

Learn how to grow peanuts in this article. Growing Peanuts in containers is fun as well as easy to do and somewhat similar to potatoes.

peanuts in potsUSDA Zones— 6 – 11

Difficulty— Easy

Other Names— Arachis hypogaea (Scientific Name), Groundnut

Soil pH— 6 – 6.5

Peanut (Arachis hypogaea) is an annual plant belonging to the Fabaceae family, a legume. It is a hardy plant that requires minimal attention. Peanut, which is also called groundnut contains many trace elements like copper, zinc, manganese and vitamin B and is very nutritious.

How to Grow Peanuts in Containers

Propagation and Planting Peanuts in containers

Fill the seed tray or container with potting soil or potting mix. Sow seeds at the depth of 3 cm. Cover them up with a thin layer of soil. Also note that peanut seeds you obtain for sowing must remain in their shell and you should open them just before planting.

For proper germination and maximum yield, temperature must be above 70 F (21 ° C), 80 F is optimum. After a week or two, the seeds will germinate.
Let the seedlings grow a bit and replant them in individual pots.

If you’re growing peanuts in cooler zone you should remember that peanuts require at least 100 frost free days to mature. You’ll need to start the seeds indoors, earlier, at least 30 days before the final frost date in the spring.

Choosing Containers

Peanut develops its pod from 5 to 10 cm under the ground. So select pot at least 30 cm deep and 40 – 50 cm. wide (1 feet deep and 1 – 2 feet wide). Make sure the pots have sufficient drainage holes. You can grow 2 – 3 plants in such a pot.

Requirements for Growing Peanuts in Containers

how to grow peanuts in pots 1Position

Peanut is a tropical plant, it loves to grow in slightly humid and warm conditions. When growing peanuts in containers place them in the sunniest but less windy spot of your balcony or terrace. The plant does not survive below 32 F (0 ° C). It flowers and fruits at a temperature between 70 – 95 F (20 to 35 ° C).


For growing peanuts in containers fertile and light soil is required, which is neutral in pH and well-drained. Best to buy a good quality organic potting mix or make your own.


When growing peanuts in pots, keep the soil slightly moist. During early growth and flowering period, increase watering. However, the plant tolerates short dry periods.

Peanut Plant Care

Earthing up

The base of the peanut plant should be covered with soil to increase production. Once the plant reaches 10 inches of height earthen up the soil around the base, as is the case of potatoes, so as to favor the development of the pods.


Initially it will not need any type of fertilization, but when you see the first yellow flowers forming, it is then useful to help the plant with the organic fertilizer that is rich in phosphorus and potassium as peanuts are legumes and form their own nitrogen you don’t need to fertilize them with additional nitrogen fertilizer.

Pests and Diseases

The most common diseases in addition to molds and fungi are leaf spots. In pests it is attacked by aphids, potato leafhopper and spider mites.

Harvesting Peanuts

When and How to Harvest Peanuts?

Groundnut is ready to harvest when the leaves begin to fade and become yellow. Water the soil just before the harvest, in order to facilitate the operation. From seed sowing to harvest, peanut plant takes 90 – 150 days, depending on the variety you have planted.


  1. Be careful ordering from Amazon. A it of their stuff is coming from China. I ordered some and they took over a month to arrive. There were seeds missing too. I’m willing to give them a try though as they were cheap.. I’ll buy American next time…

  2. peanut seeds are peanuts. you eat them. You buy them at a grocery store. Buy NON roasted nuts, you dont even need to shell them it will root even if you plant the whole unroasted shell. Squirrels burry peanuts with shells in my flower pots and they root and grow. If a squirrel can do it, its pretty easy. Dont “order” peanut seeds, they are just peanuts you can get anyplace! just dont get roasted or salted.

  3. Northern growers should start a peanut plant indoors in a large peat pot a month before the last frost. Sow seeds one inch deep, place in the sunniest spot possible, and water weekly. Transplant peanut plant seedlings to the garden when the soil warms to between 60 and 70 degrees. Space transplants 10 inches apart, being careful not to damage or bury the crown.

  4. We had mice get into the peanuts we feed the squirrels, and then bury them in my potting soil. I thought I got them all, but I now have peanut plants growing in my houseplants!!!

  5. Buy RAW peanuts from the local grocery store. Most will be a Virginia variety if they came from North Carolina.
    Two pounds for a few dollars. I’ve planted several after soaking in a wet towel to grow indoors and get 95% germination.
    The ones I bought were from Hampton Farms in North Carolina and were either Baily 2 or Sullivan, large pod, 2 or 3 peanuts each. Both are a variety of Virginia Peanut.


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