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Where do Peanuts Come From | Peanut Growing Zones

Have you ever thought, Where do Peanuts Come From and how you can grow them? Find out the answers in this detailed article!

Peanuts are also popularly known as groundnuts. These are not a nut actually but belong to legumes family, just like beans and peas. Native to South America, they thrive best in a warm climate. Peanuts can also grow in cold climates in pots, indoors. If you have always wondered Where do Peanuts Come From, then you’re at the right place. Let’s find out!

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Some Interesting Groundnut Facts

Where do Peanuts Come From

The month of March accounts for the National Peanut Lovers Day (15 March) and National Peanut Month. This legume is versatile as it is the primary source of the most famous invention of Peanut Butter. It provides a daily dose of required nutrition in the body. 

  • Research shows that their consumption may help in weight loss and also reduce the risk of heart diseases.
  • Widely used in cooking for the preparation of cakes, sauce, confectionery, desserts, chutney, and many more.
  • Packed with nutrients such as copper, vitamin E, magnesium, and thiamine.
  • Recommended for diabetics because of their low carb content.
  • The skin of peanuts is also full of antioxidants, good fats, and protein.; beneficial when eaten raw.
  • Groundnuts also helps in reducing cholesterol.

Where do Peanuts Come From?

Groundnuts originated in Bolivia and Peru in South America, though there is no specimen found to prove this fact. Some 3500 years ago, people in South America used to make pottery, and had sculpted jars in a peanut shape, decorated with the same. Peanuts are mainly treated as a Southern crop.

As they flourish in direct sunlight, warm climate suits their health. Georgia is the biggest cultivator as it provides 42 percent of U.S groundnuts. India and China account for the top producers in the world.

Growing Peanuts

You can have your peanut plant as it easy to grow in pots.

When it comes to growing groundnuts, take shell or without shell peanut but don’t remove the pink skin over the seed, as without it, the seed can not germinate. Learn more about growing this legume plant here!

If you are planting them in the north region, then start the process before last spring frost. Place the plant on the south-facing spot from where it can soak enough sunlight. Water the plant weekly. Use compost-rich fragile soil. No need for fertilizer since the plant produces nitrogen on its own.


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