10 Clever Toilet Paper Uses in the Garden

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Surprised to read about Toilet Paper Uses in the Garden? Don’t be! Here are 10 clever ways you can use it for gardening.

Here are some weird yet handy Toilet Paper Uses in the Garden that will help you out with many gardening chores!

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Toilet Paper Uses in the Garden

1. Toilet Paper Roll Pots

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Pull out the cardboard and place the plant in the soil, or simply unfurl the bottom and let the cardboard decompose on its own. Check this post for details here.

2. Germinate Seeds on Toilet Paper

You can germinate seeds on toilet paper just like you do on a paper towel. For best results, use more than one sheet as it tears easily.

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3. Toilet paper Rolls for Pest Control

You can use toilet paper rolls to prevent bugs. To prevent seedlings from moths, simply cut the paper roll in half, cover the base stem of your plant with it, and then apply tape.

To control cutworms, cut the roll in 3 inches and push it into the soil near the seedling.

4. Wipe Dust on Leaves from Toilet Paper


If you don’t have a paper towel, use toilet paper sheets to wipe accumulated dust on the large thick leaves and maintain the shine.

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5. Toilet Paper for Drying Ingredients of Homemade Fertilizer


Brew some used tea leaves in water, strain, and wash to clean any residue. Dry the leaves by spreading them on toilet paper.

After that, add dry eggshells to it. Use this mixture in the planting hole as a fertilizer for boosting the growth of tomatoes.

6. Protect Plants from Slugs

Cut toilet roll into pieces and press it into the soil around newly planted seedlings to provide them extra protection from slugs and other pests in the ground.

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7. Dry Seeds On Toilet Paper


Avoid planting the seeds with pulp or when they are wet as this makes the germination process long, and dampness might induce fungal issues.

Wrapping them in toilet paper after washing will dry them out quickly.

8. Freeze Herbs


Wash herbs, pat them dry with a soft cotton towel. After that, take toilet paper, layer herbs, wrap them properly and keep them in a freezer.

When frozen completely, put in zip-lock bags in the refrigerator, and consume for over a period of 7-10 days.

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9. Dab the Overly Wet Leaves of Succulents and Cactus

Toilet paper is excellent in absorbing moisture, and you can use it to dab excess water that gets accidentally spilled over succulents.

As these plants hate too much water, a roll of toilet paper will come in handy to keep them dry!

10. Use it to Repel Mice

Add a few drops of peppermint oil on a piece of toilet paper, roll it, and keep it where mice frequent. It will repel them for good.

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