Jackfruit vs Durian vs Breadfruit

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Do you know the difference between Jackfruit vs Durian vs Breadfruit? Wondering what separates them from each other? Let’s find out!

Tropical in nature, all these fruit trees are excellent to grow in any home garden or backyard. Mostly native to Asia, Jackfruit, Durian, and Breadfruit trees are becoming popular due to distinct taste and health benefits. But do you know the difference between Jackfruit vs Durian vs Breadfruit? Let’s find out!


This distinct-looking fruit has a thick rind and spikes all across. It contains 400-600 large seeds covered with yellow flesh that tastes sweet and meaty. The fruit is used in a variety of dishes or can be eaten raw. 

Jackfruit usually grows from the bottom branches or the lower segment of the tree trunk. Each tree produces around 150-200 fruits on an annual basis, especially in India.

Tree and Foliage

Jackfruit vs. Durian vs. Breadfruit 2

With a height of around 60-80 feet and more, the Jackfruit tree is tall. It is an evergreen tree with leathery and glossy foliage. The bark and twigs also contain a white sticky sap exactly like latex

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The Durian is mostly known for its incredible size and aroma – the fruit expels a scent that is considered one of the worst-smelling fruits ever. Nonetheless, it is considered a delicacy across most places in South-East Asia. 

Tree and Foliage

Jackfruit vs. Durian vs. Breadfruit 3

Durian trees are usually large and can grow anywhere between 80-165 feet, completely depending on the species you choose to grow in your garden. Along with the stunning spiky fruit, the Durian tree is also adorned with evergreen oblong leaves that can grow upto a length of 4-7 inches.

Growing Requirements:

The Durian tree thrives in temperatures between 24-29° C as this is its natural requirement. It does best in loamy aerated soil that allows efficient drainage.

What is Breadfruit

Oval in shape, the breadfruit is a delicious fruit that grows to about 8-12 inches long. Initially, the fruit is green in color, and as it ripens, the skin turns pale green with mottled brown spots and polygon-shaped bumps. It is mostly used for cooking and other medicinal purposes.

Tree and Foliage

Jackfruit vs. Durian vs. Breadfruit 4

Growing upto a height of 60-80 feet, the Breadfruit tree can be a stunning addition to your garden. Every part of the tree releases a sap called latex that can be used for boat caulking and other waterproofing purposes. The foliage is striking as each leaf is large, thick, and deeply cut into pinnate lobes. 

Growing Requirements:

Known as an ultra-tropical plant, the Breadfruit tree thrives in alkaline soil and has a pH level of 6.1-7.4. Along with the high-quality soil, the temperatures must be between 16-38°C, which is ideal for a tree like this. 

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