Special Trick to Root Garlic Quickly & Have Unlimited Supply

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Check out this Special Trick to Root Garlic Quickly and Have Unlimited Supply right in your home with minimal effort!

Special Trick to Root Garlic Quickly and Have Unlimited Supply

Do you know that you can grow unlimited garlic from the garlic cloves available in your kitchen that too, in a limited space? Learn this Special Trick to Root Garlic Quickly in the tiniest of space and enjoy this spicy edible green and garlic cloves right from your homegrown harvest!

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Special Trick to Root Garlic Quickly

1. Select a Healthy Bunch of Garlic Bulbs

Trick to Root Garlic Quickly  1

Get a fresh bunch of garlic bulbs from a farmer’s market or a grocery store to multiply this root vegetable easily. Make sure the bulbs are big and plump, and not too dry.

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2. Make a Clean Cut at the Top

Special Trick to Root Garlic Quickly and Have Unlimited Supply 2

Cut the top portion of the garlic bunch a bit with a sharp sterilized knife ensuring to remove the top end from all the cloves. This step will expose the garlic germ–a green bud you can see in each clove in the middle. From this, a new plant will emerge.

While cutting the top, don’t cut the center part, which keeps the cloves together.

3. Cut a Small Soda Bottle to Fit Whole Garlic Bulb

Trick to Root Garlic Quickly  3

Take a small soda bottle and remove its neck using a pair of scissors. This will make a room to fit in the garlic bulb that will keep it snuggly in place. You can also use a glass jar, vase, or something that has a narrow mouth to fit the whole garlic bulb.

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4. Add Water

Special Trick to Root Garlic Quickly and Have Unlimited Supply 5

Fill this bottle or whatever similar thing you have with water and set each garlic bulb at the top so that the root part faces downward, and the top part you cut with a knife faces up, as shown in the picture above.

Make sure the water touches the bottom part as this is important for the development of roots. Also, keep this arrangement at a location where it can get plenty of bright daylight with exposure to some mild morning sun.

5. Development of Roots

Trick to Root Garlic Quickly  5

After a couple of days, you’ll notice changes, and as the days pass, the bottom of the bulb will start growing roots in the water. This is an indication that the garlic cloves are doing well and soon will be ready to grow in no time.

Meanwhile, if the water begins to look murkier, replace it with fresh water.

6. New Growth

Special Trick to Root Garlic Quickly and Have Unlimited Supply 16

After several days, the cloves will form new growth at the top. If everything goes well, the roots will fill the entire pot within a couple of weeks and the cloves will start to thrive with plentiful green growth.

At this stage, you can continue to grow the garlic cloves in water and keep snipping the greens for a regular and fresh supply for the kitchen. If you want to grow the garlic for more bulbs, then follow the below steps.

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7. Separating the Cloves and Planting them

Trick to Root Garlic Quickly  7

Trick to Root Garlic Quickly 8

Once the good root development and top growth are visible, you can snip away the shoots and use them in your food.

In case you wish to grow more bulbs from them, then you will need to separate the cloves from the bunch and get them ready for planting individually.

After separating, it’s time to plant them in pots or garden beds!

8. Growing them As Individual Plants

Special Trick to Root Garlic Quickly and Have Unlimited Supply 20

Fill a tray, windowbox, or pot with rich potting mix and plant these cloves, not so deep. Ensure to space them 2-3 inches apart from each other. Water well and keep them at a location where they get plenty of sunlight.

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Key Takeaways

  • Ensure to grow the bulbs in rich, loamy soil, amended with plenty of organic matter.
  • Provide the garlic cloves full day of indirect sunlight while growing in water. However, garlic will require at least 4-5 hours of direct sunlight once you transfer the cloves into the soil.
  • Do not let the soil dry out completely. Keep the soil moist throughout.

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