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Check out cheap, easy, and functional DIY Garden Ideas on a Budget that’ll make gardening more wonderful for you.

These DIY Garden Ideas on a Budget will surely take your gardening experience to the next level without burning a hole in your pocket!

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DIY Garden Ideas on a Budget

1. Cheap DIY Seed Starter Soil Blocks

Garden Ideas on a Budget

Inexpensive but useful! Planting seeds in soil blocks can save your baby plants from transplanting shocks. Check out more on this on Vela creations.

Find out some Amazing Seed Starting Tricks here

2. DIY Stepping Stones

Make interesting stepping stones in amazing patterns for your garden from pebbles. Read everything you need to know in this tutorial.

Find out some Cool DIY Stepping Stone Ideas here

3. Cool Plant Labels and Markers

Garden Ideas on a Budget 2

Both of these garden markers are easy to make, completely free, and look beautiful in the yard. The stone marker will add a colorful touch to your garden, while the spoon marker will utilize old spoons.

4. Tic-Tac Containers to Save Seeds

Use tic-tac containers for organizing and saving seeds. This is really helpful for storing the small ones that you might otherwise lose.

5. Pots Makeover

Garden Ideas on a Budget 3

Do you have pots? Used or unused, old or new? If yes, these 15 DIY Garden Pots Decoration Ideas are for you. Most of these ideas will sway your mind in wonder.

6. Toilet Roll Seed Starter

Make toilet roll seed starters to sow seeds; you can also propagate cuttings in them. Check out more here.

7. DIY Key Wind Chime

Garden Ideas on a Budget 4

See the step-by-step tutorial here to make a soothing key windchime that you can hang anywhere in the garden or porch.

8. Egg Carton Seed Tray

Egg cartons can become ideal seed trays to start the plant of your choice. Even eggshells can be used to sow seeds.

Here are some Egg Carton Ideas you must try

9. Rake or Shovel Plant Measuring Tool

Garden Ideas on a Budget 5

If you love to measure your plants, try this idea. This is super easy to follow and also saves you plenty of bucks!

10. Make Use of Broken Pots

Do you have broken pots? Instead of throwing, recycle them. You have no idea how amazing stuff you can create for your garden. Read this post to find out.

Check out some Incredible Broken Pot Ideas here

11. DIY Toadstools

Garden Ideas on a Budget 6

Make toadstools out of logs and wooden salad bowls. They are great for both small and large gardens. See the DIY post here.

12. Garden Tool Hanger

Use an old rake to hang garden tools. This way, they will be well organized for your use in the yard.

Check out some DIY Garden Tool Storage Ideas here

13. Planter + Birdbath

Garden Ideas on a Budget 7

Spray paint an urn and a pot with your favorite color and screw or glue them together to make a birdbath + planter. The tutorial is here.

14. Window Boxes Garden on Stair Risers

A Cool idea, especially if you’re short of space. Get stair risers to add some window boxes and grow plants in them.

Look at some Stunning Herb Garden in Window Box Ideas here

15. Tire Pond

Garden Ideas on a Budget 8

Repurpose an old tire by making it into a pond. It is pretty good for a small garden. The tutorial is available on Handimania.

16. Terracotta Pot Table

If your garden lacks a table and you have an extra pot and saucer, try this. It can be a fun project for kids too!

17. Mason Jar Greenhouse

Garden Ideas on a Budget 9

Empty mason jars are great for making a small greenhouse for seedlings and small plants. They can be used for gardens and indoor plants as well.

Check out some DIY Seedling Greenhouse Ideas here

18. Pallet Bench

Buying a bench for your backyard can be expensive; why spend money when a bench can be made from pallets? Head over to placeofmytaste.com to see all the details.

19. Repurpose an Old Chandelier as a Bird Feeder

Garden Ideas on a Budget 10

If you are a bird lover, read this tutorial to turn an old chandelier into a bright and useful bird feeder.

20. Grow Avocado Tree at Home

The next time you eat an Avocado, save its pit for growing an avocado tree at home. See the article on Rodale’s Organic Life for more information.

21. Make Use of Eggshells in the Garden

Garden Ideas on a Budget 11

Eggs are an inexpensive and most effective source of protein, but do you know eggshells are useful too? Check out our article here

22. DIY Pallet Planter

Make a pallet planter for displaying the blooming specimens in style; a step-by-step tutorial to help you out with all the information is here.

23. Gather Cuttings on the Go!

Garden Ideas on a Budget 12

Get plant cuttings from friends’ or neighbors’ gardens or even on the road if you spot any. However, ensure permission from the owner before snipping from an unknown place.

24. Use Organic Pesticide Spray with Kitchen Ingredients


Infusing kitchen ingredients like cayenne powder, turmeric powder, and garlic water with dishwasher liquid will make for an effective pesticide spray, saving you a few bucks.

Also, the organic compounds will not harm the beneficial insects, thus adding to the pros.

Learn about Making Homemade Insecticidal Soap here

25. Make Your Own Watering Jar

Garden Ideas on a Budget 14

You need not invest in buying watering cans; instead, recycle the old milk jars to make one for yourself. All you need is to drill a few holes in the lid, and you are good to go with your DIY watering can.

A similar tactic can be employed with water bottles, detergent containers, and sauce bottles.

Learn some DIY Watering Can Ideas here

26. Regrow Vegetables and Fruits from Leftovers


Head your first step to sustainability by regrowing plants from leftovers. You can propagate most vegetables and fruits by rooting the tops or planting a slice in the soil. Here’s a list of vegetables that grow from scraps.

27. Install Self-Watering Device Using Old Bottles

Garden Ideas on a Budget 15

Put those old wine and soda bottles to good use by creating a self-watering device in the garden. This method will take care of the plant’s watering needs while you are away on vacation or taken up by the daily errands.

Learn some Cleaver Self-Watering Hacks here

28. Brew Epsom Salt Spray for Plant Growth

Epsom salt, the mineral form of sulfur and magnesium, plays a key role in strengthening root cells, producing fuller blooms, enhancing foliage color, and growing tastier fruits.

Mix one tablespoon of Epsom salt in a liter of water and spray on the plants every 10 days for an instant magnesium boost.

Learn some Epsom Salt uses for Houseplants here

29. Sharpen Your Tools for Free

Sharpen your garden tools without investing a penny by immersing them in a bucket filled with mineral oil and coarse sand. This method will keep the tools clean, rust-free, and sharp for further use.

Find some more Tips to Clean your Garden Tools here

30. Start Seeds in Citrus Rinds


Starting seeds in citrus rinds is a clever gardening hack that saves money. Fill the rinds with potting mix and start the seeds. You can then transplant them directly into your garden without the fuss of transplanting.

This will save your plant from the risk of root damage while providing the slow-release benefits of the decomposing crust.

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