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22 Incredible Budget Gardening Ideas | Garden Ideas On A Budget

Cheap, easy and functional DIY Garden Ideas on a Budget that’ll make gardening more wonderful for you.

1. Cheap DIY seed starter soil blocks

Cheap DIY seed starter soil blocks

Inexpensive but useful! Planting seeds in soil blocks can save your baby plants from transplanting shocks. Check out more on this on Vela creations.

2. DIY stepping stones

DIY stepping stones

Make interesting stepping stones in amazing patterns for your garden from pebbles. Read everything you need to know about this here in this tutorial.

3. Cool Plant Labels and Markers

garden marker 2

Both of these garden markers are easy to make, completely free and look so beautiful in the garden. Stone marker will add a colorful touch to your garden while spoon marker will make use of old spoons.

4. Tic-Tac containers to save seeds


Cute idea. Use tic-tac containers for organizing and saving seeds.

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5. Your pots look boring? Give them a makeover

diy garden pot decoration ideas

Do you have pots? Used or unused, old or new? If yes then these 15 DIY Garden Pots Decoration Ideas are made for you. Most of these ideas will sway your mind in wonder.

6. Toilet roll seed starter

Budget Gardening Hacks 4

Make toilet roll seed starters to sow seeds, you can also propagate cuttings in them. Check out more here.

7. DIY key wind chime

diy wind chime

An interesting idea to follow. See the step by step tutorial here.

8. Egg carton as a seed tray

budget gardening hacks 7

Egg cartons can become ideal seed trays. Even eggshells can be used to sow seeds.

9. Transform your rake or shovel into a plant measuring tool


If you love to measure your plant, try this idea. This is super easy to follow and handy.

10. Make use of broken pots


Do you have broken pots? Instead of throwing, recycle them. You’ve no idea that you can create amazing stuff for your garden from them easily. Read this post to find out.

11. DIY toadstools

diy toadstool

Make toadstools out of logs and wooden salad bowls. See the DIY post here.

12. Garden tool hanger

budget garden hacks

Use an old rake to hang garden tools.

13. Planter + Birdbath


Spray paint an urn and a pot with your favorite color and screw or glue them together to make a bird bath + planter. Tutorial here.

14. Window boxes garden on stair risers

stair riser window box garden

Cool idea especially if you’re short of space. Get stair risers add some window boxes and grow plants in them.

15. Tire pond


Repurpose an old tire by making it into a pond. Tutorial is available on Handimania.

Read more ideas on using tires in the garden.

16. Terracotta pot table


If your garden is lacking a table and you have got an extra pot and saucer, try this.

17. Mason jar greenhouse

Gardening ideas on a budget

Empty mason jars are great for making a small greenhouse for seedlings and small plants.

18. Pallet bench

garden ideas on a budget

Buying a bench for your backyard can be expensive, so why to spend money when a bench can be made from pallets. Head over to placeofmytaste.com to see more pallet furniture ideas and tutorials.

19. Repurpose an old chandelier as a bird feeder

garden ideas on a budget

If you are a bird lover read this tutorial to turn an old chandelier into a bright and useful bird feeder.

20. Grow avocado tree at home

Budget Gardening Hacks 6

The next time when you eat Avocado must save its pit to grow an avocado tree at home. See this article on Rodale’s Organic Life for more information.

21. Make use of eggshells in the garden

eggshell in garden

Eggs are an inexpensive and most effective source of protein you eat, but do you know eggshells are useful too? Eggshells have so many uses in the garden, read these 8 excellent ideas for more info.

22. DIY pallet planter

garden ideas on a budget

Make a pallet planter from pallets, a step by step tutorial is available on The Micro Gardener.

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Cheap, easy and functional DIY garden ideas on a budget that'll make gardening more wonderful for you.


  1. Thank you So, So much for this! It will be so much fun to try some of these. I love how ideas like these really can help unite the family. That is important to me. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we believe that the family is very important, and uniting the family can unite communities and make them better. Do you agree? Sincerely, Bianca Bowman from ModernMormon

  2. I enjoyed your whole article. I think that this is a very wise and creative project idea. And anyone can do this if they want to. I’m excited to check on your other posts too.

  3. Good to see and read those creative ideas in gardening. Thank you for bringing this wonderful gardening idea yet budget-friendly. Great job!


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