39 Upcycled Mason Jar in the Garden Ideas

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If you have unused mason jars in your home, use them creatively with the help of these Upcycled Mason Jar in the Garden Ideas!

These creative Upcycled Mason Jar in the Garden Ideas will help you add a lot of appeal to your home and garden without spending a lot of money!

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Upcycled Mason Jar in the Garden Ideas

1. Mason Jar Hanging Herb Planter

This hanging mason jar is a great way to grow your favorite herb in a limited space!

2. Mason Jar Terrarium

Add succulents, loamy soil, and some pebbles in old mason jars to make for a beautiful tabletop display. You can also use faux plants.

3. Mason Jar Herb Garden on a Wooden Board


Clamp mason jars on the wooden board and grow herbs in a small space vertically!

4. Mason Jars on a Suspended Wooden Board


Hang mason jars on a suspended wooden board by the kitchen window to grow herbs of your choice and have a fresh supply!

5. Space Saving Mason Jar Herb Garden

Here’s a great DIY you can try to use mason jars creatively to grow herbs in a limited space.

6. Mason Jar Wall Garden

All you need is a wooden frame, chicken wire, and some empty mason jars for this one.

7. Mini Mason Jar Garden!


Grow plants or herbs in mason jars to create a cute garden for the balcony or terrace.

8. Mason Jar Garden for the Patio


A line of large mason jars on the patio railing with different plants will add a lot of green appeal!

9. Colorful Mason Jar Garden on the Window


If you have empty colorful mason jars, you can create a small garden by the window.

10. Natural Bug Repellent Luminaries

You can easily ward off insects naturally with the help of some old mason jars and candles made with essential oils. Details are here.

11. Flowers on the Clothes Line

Here’s a great DIY for using mason jars creatively to display flowers on the cloth line!

12. Mason Jar Tiki Torches

Old mason jars and tiki torch wicks are all you need for this easy DIY!

13. Mason Jar Wind Chime

An old mason jar and beautiful strung colorful glass beads make for a beautiful windchime! Click here for details.

14. Fence with Mason Jar Lighting

Hang mason jars on wooden pallets and make an awesome fence light!

15. Kitchen Herb Garden in Mason Jars

Have your own little herb garden on a well-lit kitchen windowsill with the help of mason jars. Details are here.

16. Mason Jar Flower Holder

Hang mason jars from an old birdhouse using strings and display flowers in style! Click here for details.

17. Outdoor Mason Jar Chandelier

Make a beautiful Mason Jar Chandelier using a wooden stick, twine, old mason jars, and lights.

18. Painted Mason Jar Welcome Sign

Welcome your guests with a warm, welcoming message with this mason jar signboard showcasing different cut flowers!

19. Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden

All you need are some mason jars, herbs, potting soil, twine, and strings for this DIY.

20. Summer Succulent Mason Jar Planters

Old mason jars and some colorful succulents are all you need for this DIY!

21. Mason Jar Bird Feeder

Hang a mason jar in the garden with the help of a string and use it as a bird feeder. Details are here.

22. Knotted Hanging Mason Jar Candle Holder

Watch this video to make a Knotted Hanging Jar with ease!

23. Mason Jar Solar Light

Here’s a great DIY to make Mason Jar Solar Light. You can hang them in your garden!

24. Mason Jar Chimes

Using an old mason jar, beads, chain, charms, and connectors of your choice, you can make a soothing chime for windows. Details are here.

25. Mason Jar Aquaponics

Grow herbs or other plants in mason jars using aquaponics! It will be a great addition to tabletops or windowsills.

26. Tabletop Mason Jar Herb Garden

Some old mason jars, potting soil, pebbles, stones or glass beads, and a tin tray are all you need for this DIY.

27. Upcycled Shirt Mason Jars

All you need are some old ladies’ shirts and mason jars for this one! Easy to make and looks awesome! Details are here.

28. Mason Jar Flower Planter

This mason jar planter is great for showcasing flowers like marigold on a patio’s railing.

29. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Grow your favorite herbs in old mason jars and use a permanent marker to label them up!

30. Vintage Style Mason Jar Holder

A vintage-style mason jar holder will add a lot of appeal to the jars, and you can keep them together this way to grow different herbs. Click here for details.

31. Fairy Lantern

Here’s a great DIY to make a fairy lantern using a mason jar. It will look awesome hanging on a tree in the garden.

32. Mason Jar Fairy House

Your kids are definitely going to love this one. Use air-dry clay and mason jars to make a light-up fairy garden mason jar.

33. Mason Jar Holiday Luminaria

All you need are some smooth-sided glass mason jars, frosted glass spray paint, clear matte sealer, or glitter spray paint, along with a few other supplies for this one.

34. Mason Jar Chandelier

This hanging mason jar flower chandelier will look simply amazing hanging over the outdoor dining table! Click here for details.

35. Self-Watering Mason Jar Planter

All you need is a Mason jar, a piece of thin rope, a tea strainer, some soil, and a plant for this one.

36. Pallet Mason Jar Hanging Garden

Hang mason jars on a pallet stand and grow your favorite herbs or other plants in a small space. Details are here.

37. Glow Stick Galaxy Glow In The Dark Jars

Repurpose mason jars into something to decorate your home. One of the most popular ways would be using them as luminaries. Click here for details.

38. Light Up Disney Mason Jars

This is going to be something that your kids will absolutely love you for! Click here to know all the details!

39. Hanging Mason Jars with Beach Shells

These blue-tinted mason jars will look adorable hanging down the trees in your garden.

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