15 DIY Egg Carton Uses & Crafts For Gardeners

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After learning these DIY Egg Carton Uses & Crafts, you’ll start saving egg cartons from the next time, especially if you’re a gardener!

1. Biodegradable Seed Starter

DIY Egg Carton Uses

An egg carton is a biodegradable alternative to jumpstart your garden without much expense and hassle. Watch this YouTube video to understand how to use it as a seed tray.

2. Egg Crates Seed Starter
After learning these DIY Egg Carton Uses & Crafts you'll start saving egg cartons from the next time, especially if you're a gardener!

Drill holes at the back of an egg crate to allow drainage and fill it with soil and seeds to give a start to your vegetable garden. Visit Apartment Therapy to know more.

3. DIY Bird Feeder

Hang an eco-friendly bird feeder in your yard with minimal supplies such as an empty egg carton, string, scissors, glue, and bird seeds. Find the tutorial at The Creative Cubby. Check out these DIY bird bath ideas here.

4. Springtime Baskets

Amazing Things to Do with Egg Cartons

Paint mini baskets of an egg carton and attach each of them with wires to recreate this idea. Ask your kids to help along to make productive use of their free time.

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5. Egg Carton Flower Vase

Put mini clear glasses in each compartment of an egg carton and fill it with water and flowers to convert it into a flower vase. Check out 50 more DIY flower vase ideas here.

6. Egg Carton Hanging Pot

After learning these DIY Egg Carton Uses & Crafts you'll start saving egg cartons from the next time, especially if you're a gardener!

This is an awesome egg carton craft idea for plant lovers available at this Greek blog, you can easily translate it in English. You can use either faux or real succulents!

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7. DIY Egg Carton Succulent Garden

Egg cartons and eggshells can be used to propagate succulents. Together they’ll look like a small succulent garden while growing roots. The how-to is here!

8. Egg Carton Flower Bouquet

Make a flower bouquet using an egg carton and a striped vase out of a plastic bottle. Find out how to do it here. See these DIY cardboard projects for your garden as well.

9. Egg Carton Crab Craft for Kids

This egg carton crab craft can be a perfect weekend pastime project for your kids. They can keep it in their room, play with it or place it somewhere in the backyard. The tutorial is here.

10. DIY Egg Carton Daffodils

These bright colored daffodils are made of cardboard egg cartons. You can use them to decorate any tabletop or shelf. Learn the steps here.

11. Fox Craft from Empty Egg Cartons

15 Coolest Egg Carten Uses & Crafts

One of the coolest DIY egg carton uses is this fox craft DIY here. Display it in the garden in a sheltered space to save from rain. It’ll look good.

12. Egg Carton Rooster

Learn how to make a decorative egg carton rooster with the help of this tutorial.

13. Cute Egg Carton Baskets

These cute egg carton baskets are a perfect piece of kids craft, learn to make them in this DIY video. Check out these 17 DIY Basket Planter Ideas for houseplants.

14. Super Colorful Egg Carton Wreath

You can hang this super colorful egg carton wreath anywhere but away from any outdoor exposure. It’s easy to make it with the help of this DIY.

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15. Egg Carton Flower Wreath DIY

Awesome Egg Carton Crafts

A great way to recycle empty egg cartons, this flower wreath is not only limited to special occasions like Easter, but you can also hang it year-round. Also, check out this DIY Easter Egg Cactus idea.

Bonus Use

If you don’t like all these egg carton uses, here’s one more–It can be your next compost ingredient. Cardboard egg cartons decompose well, shred them before sending them into the compost bin for a quick break down.

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