20 Easy DIY Watering Can Ideas You Can Make for Free

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Check out some really amazing and easy-to-make DIY Watering Can Ideas that will help you to water your plants effortlessly!

Want to water your plant by using old bottles and cans? Check out these DIY Watering Can Ideas to make them in no time!

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DIY Watering Can Ideas

1. Plastic Bottle Into a Thumb-Controlled Watering Can

DIY Watering Can Ideas

Instead of tossing your water bottle in the trash, upcycle it into an easy-to-use watering can. Details are here.

2. Homemade Watering Can

Make a kid-sized watering can out of your used Shake-n-Pour container and help your garden grow. Click here for details.

3. Easy Watering Can

DIY Watering Can Ideas 2

Watch this video to learn how to make a watering can at home using Plastic Bottle, PVC pipe, and few other supplies.

4. Watering Jar

All you need is an old jar, drill, leather lace, heavy-duty super glue along with few other supplies to make this one.

5. Plastic Milk Bottle Watering Can

DIY Watering Can Ideas 6

All you need is a plastic milk bottle to make this can in just a few steps! Details are here.

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6. Kids Watering Can

Using tin candy kids watering can, hammer, large screw or a nail, string, and scissors, you can make a watering can for kids easily. Details are here.

7. Watering Can with a Detergent Container

DIY Watering Can Ideas 7

You can use an old laundry detergent container to make a great watering can for your container garden. Click here for details.

8. Empty Milk Jug Watering Can

You just need an empty milk jug to make this easy watering can for your kids. Details are here.

9. Watering Can Using a Plastic Bottle

DIY Watering Can Ideas 10

Large plastic bottles with wide mouths make for great watering cans. Check out the details here.

10. Handy Watering Can

Here’s a quick tutorial to create a watering can from a milk jug: All you need is a milk jug, a large needle, and a cigarette lighter.

11. Waterin Can Using One Gallon Plastic Bottle

DIY Watering Can Ideas 16

Make a watering can using a one-gallon plastic bottle with a cap, a small piece of copper pipe, a hacksaw, universal glue, a cutter, some spray paint, and tape.

12. Laundry Detergent Watering Can

Here’s all the information you will need to make this awesome watering can in no time!

13. 3D Printable Watering Can

DIY Watering Can Ideas 20

Let technology come to your rescue to make a watering can. Here’s a high-tech one that you can design using 3D. Details are here.

14. Watering Jug

This tutorial is simple to follow and can help you make your own watering jugs using containers you already have at home.

15. Gardening Water Can with Waste Material

Use an oil can, pvc pipe, plastic bottle, and glue to make this watering can. Watch the video here.

16. Thumb Watering Can

A great way to re-purpose small plastic containers or jugs to water seedlings. Details are here.

17. Coke Watering Can

Make a handy watering can with a used coke bottle. It is easy, cheap, and full of fun!

18. Green Watering Machine

All you need is a pop soda, beer can, plastic spoons, drinking straws, and a piece of stiff wire to make this one.

19. Recycled Watering Can

This project can be easily completed in less than one hour with just a few recycled house goods and some scraps laying around.

20. Mason Jar Watering Can

Here’s a detailed DIY on how to make a fun watering can from an old mason jar!

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