21 Most Creative And Useful DIY Garden Tool Storage Ideas

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Save your time and money and stop finding the gardening tools you misplace by trying one of these clever DIY Garden Tool Storage Ideas!

1. Make it all easy and design yourself an amazing shed

Storage sheds are ideal for those who love DIY outdoor projects, when you need a customized building or are on a tight budget. Minimal knowledge is required if you have a good storage shed plan and all basic tools. Here’s a step by step DIY article on Family Handyman!

2. Have fun and be creative; a garden storage bench

a garden storage benchConsider installing an outdoor storage bench because of its versatile nature. It provides a place to relax, compliments with your garden’s landscape, security, a convenient workspace, and of course provides extra storage. Visit Instructables to see the DIY post.

3. Build a simple tool rack in less than an hour

Instead of purchasing a new garden tool rack, you can build your own and keep your garden neat. Learn how to do this here!

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4. As frightening as it sounds, a zombie wall is a creative DIY garden tools storage method

DIY garden tools storage method

Using a zombie wall means you are taking your exterior décor ideas as well as storage space to another level. It helps you put all your gardening tools to a central point where you can get them easily. See more of it here!

5. DIY Ideas to make use of old pallets to make a garden table

Storing gardening tools such as fowls, chainsaws, and shovels need a little organization. Old pallets can be repurposed in numerous ways, and one of the best uses is building a gardening storage table. Go to 99Pallets.com to see the DIY!

6. Super easy, crafty and creative vertical pallet garden tools holder

You need basic garden tools stored in one trimmed position. Making use of basic wood reconditioning using nails, nuts and bolts, wood and a hand drill, you can create a vertical garden tools holder that is just as good as new. Learn more here!

7. Turn a recycled water hose basket into a garden tool storage solution

diy hose basket

Making a basket out of unused water is a creative idea. Not only this DIY hose basket looks unique but hold the tools and securely keep them on the wall. If you look around carefully, you can come up with your own storage solution like this.

8. Your old mailbox is going to make a wonderful tool shed

Many gardeners love their gardening tools, and when well-maintained they are durable, perform at their best, save time and are easy to use. Make the most of your creativity and make use of that old mailbox in your home. See this DIY!

9. A bike storage shack

bike storage shack

Generally, storage (especially outdoor storage) is never enough, and there is never a perfect way around that. Learn how to build a bike storage shack that comes with planting space on top from this DIY!

10. Outdoor storage locker

Do not pass up the great opportunity of adding everlasting beauty to your yard using outdoor storage locker. With detailed step-by-step directions, materials, and tools, this is a cheap as well quick do-it-yourself exercise that can be carried out in hours.

11. Potting bench and its benefits for gardening

Focus your innovative juices toward creating something you can use to store your garden tools such as a potting bench. Making your own bench gives you freedom over design and size preferences. Click here to see the DIY post!

12. An old rake; a new way to arrange your garden tools

A profitable garden is one with clean and organized tool storage. Fish out that old metallic rake in your compound without a handle, hang it on the wall and discover its advantages as a functional place to keep your tools when not in use. Visit Hometalk to learn more!

13. Garden tools storage using the PVC at your disposal

If you are a gardener or homeowner who loves storing your tools in a secure, caring, and organized manner, then this idea will work for you. The more of it is here.

14. Hanging your gardening tools

Hanging your gardening tools

A few strips of scrap wood with old hooks or knobs along the wall and done. This is the ideal solution when it comes to hanging your garden tools. Visit the Country Living to see more about this idea!

15. Pots filled with sand for free garden tools storage

Keep your garden tools organized and sharp by cleaning them and then filling those empty clay pots in your homestead with sand. Afterward, stick the tools in. The step by step DIY article is available here!

16. Repurpose that old file cabinet

Believe it or not, recycling the dusty old file cabinet is an innovative idea that will help make things interesting. Convert the cabinet into a storage space by removing drawers, turning its back and finally installing pegboards on its ends. Visit Homedit to learn more!

17. A pegboard for storage

pegboard for storage

Installing a simple pegboard in your garden shed keeps everything secure, organized and neat. Use basic materials such as a pegboard, paintbrush, satin paint, 2 D-rings, hooks holders and a comprehensive tutorial and display your items in plain sight. See more of it here!

18. Garden tools storage in a basic tool basket

A basic tool basket is a simple, compact and lightweight solution to keep small gardening tools. Visit BHG to see more about this idea!

19. Store your garden hose the easy way using coat hangers

garden hose storage

Do you remember those tall standalone coat hangers that were very common in the 20th century? Do not throw them away if you have one; they can be very functional when it comes to garden hose storage.

20. Garden closet tool storage

Garden closet tool storage

Sprucing your backyard a little bit with this fun and easy DIY project that accommodates all your gardening tools. Garden closet plans are easily available in numerous variations.

21. Over-sized obelisk

Large hand-held gardening tools should be stored in upright containers. An over-sized obelisk not only provides shelter to an air conditioning unit but also provides a home to shovels and cultivators.

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Save your time and money and stop finding the gardening tools you misplace by trying one of these clever DIY Garden Tool Storage Ideas!

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