16 Clever Self Watering Hacks

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Follow the given Clever Self Watering Hacks that will keep your plants hydrated during the occasional droughts as well.

If you are a forgetful gardener, then these Clever Self Watering Hacks will ensure you never miss to water your plants again!

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Clever Self Watering Hacks

1. Perforated Connection

Clever Self Watering Hacks 1

This hack is pretty effective to self-water your plants. Fill a zip-lock plastic bag with water and dip two strings in a way that the other ends of the strings are buried in the soil near the roots.

This process will help your plants to self-water by capillary action. Click here for details.

2. Water Wicking Hack

Clever Self Watering Hacks  2

This popular watering hack can be done by using a long candle wick, cotton rope, or shoelace. For this, take a large container, fill it with water, and place it near a potted plant. Dip the wick in the container filled with water in a way that one end rests at the bottom of the pot. Push the other end of the wick 2-3 inches below the soil level without disturbing the roots.

Water will slowly release into the soil due to capillary action through the rope or wick. This hack is best for houseplants that are growing in low-light, windy areas. Have a look at the DIY here.

3. Watering Hack Using Zip Lock Bag

Clever Self Watering Hacks  3

It’s a stingy, easy, leak-proof hack that you can do by using the sealable plastic bag filled with water and a wick or string that specifies how quickly the water drains out from the ziplock bag. Get the full tutorial here.

4. Wine Bottle Dispenser

Clever Self Watering Hacks  4

You can recycle empty wine bottles for making a self-watering system through it. Make a hole in the lid of the wine bottle using a nail.

Fill the bottle with water up to the neck. Insert it into the soil by covering the hole with your finger; the water will keep discharging slowly, hence watering your plant. Take guidance from this video.

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5. Self Watering Foam Hack

Clever Self Watering Hacks  5

This low-cost hack is quite easy to make and will be ready in 30-60 minutes. By using this cost-effective portable system, you can grow plenty of herbs and veggies without regular watering. Read here for a complete tutorial.

6. Inverted Planter Hack

Clever Self Watering Hacks  6

This setup looks attractive and keeps plants well-hydrated in the harsh summer heat. Follow this post for step-by-step guidance.

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7. Soda Pop Bottles

Clever Self Watering Hacks  7

Instead of throwing soda pop bottles in the trash, use them wisely as a self-watering tool. Learn this DIY here to make self-watering planters.

8. Wicking Hack

Clever Self Watering Hacks  8

Try this DIY by using cotton string, a pot, paper clips, and a short stool. The cotton wick will ensure that the soil remains moist for the plants to grow well.

9. Wine Bottle Hack

Clever Self Watering Hacks  9

Watch this video and make this amazing self-watering system with wine bottles. The neck of the wine will suck in the moisture, keeping the growing medium moist for the plant.

10. Plastic Container Hack

Clever Self Watering Hacks  10

You will need 2 food-grade 5-gallon containers and a 1/2 pint deli container for the wicking basket. When you water the plant from the top in a traditional container, a percentage of the water doesn’t even reach the roots.

On the contrary, in self-watering containers, the plants’ roots suck up the water from the reservoir below. Read more here.

11. Raised Bed Watering System

Clever Self Watering Hacks  11

Construct a self-watering planter for raised planting beds in your garden using large cedar planters, clamps, jigsaw, level, utility knife, and other woodworking utilities. Read details here.

12. Plastic Box Hack

Clever Self Watering Hacks 12

These low-cost self-watering boxes can accommodate up to three plants according to their type. Read details here.

13. Sub-Irrigated Planters

Clever Self Watering Hacks  13

This wise watering system conserves water and rewards you with huge healthy plants. Click here for details.

14. Bucket Hack

Clever Self Watering Hacks  14

You can have this DIY with just two buckets, a Styrofoam cup, a funnel, a plastic garbage bag, and a plastic pipe. Read details here.

15. Use Diapers

Clever Self Watering Hacks  15
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Diapers are made up of a permeable barrier of cotton fiber and moisture-absorbing crystals. This incredible mix allows the disposable diaper to retain moisture for an extended period.

Cut open the diaper and place it in the pot before watering the plant. It will provide moisture for an extended period of time.

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16. Water Absorbing Crystals

Clever Self Watering Hacks  16

Adding these crystals to the pot is another great hack to help the plants with water. As these crystals can absorb water, you can use them for the plants.

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