18 Incredible Broken Pot Ideas For Garden

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Have a look at 18 Incredible Broken Pot Ideas and use them to repurpose the old and broken pots you have in your garden instead of discarding them.

Do you have broken containers? Instead of throwing them, recycle! You’ve no idea that you can create amazing stuff for your garden from them easily. We’ve some cool Broken Pot Ideas for you to check out!

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Incredible Broken Pot Ideas

1. Make a Spilled Flower Pot

How to Turn Broken Pots into Stunning Features 1

Making a spilled flower pot is one of the best ideas to make with a pot that is half broken from the other side. You can create an astonishing waterfall-like appearance from flowers.

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2. Grow Succulents

DIY planter ideasSucculents are ultimate plants, super easy and you can grow them anywhere. Growing succulents in a broken pot is a clever idea that looks unique.

3. Use them For Mulching

broken pot diy ideas

Mulching with the broken clay pot pieces is an effective idea to save soil moisture, as well as your time. To do it, break the pot into more small pieces and arrange them on the surface of the soil.

4. Make a Fairy Garden

broken pot fairy gardenIf you have a large planter that is broken from the side, you can create a broken pot fairy garden. A fairy garden is easy and fun to make, plus it beautifies a garden.

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5. Use them as Plant Labels

plant markersBat the pot into desired pieces. Take the potsherds and write the name of plants with a permanent marker on them. You can also decorate it with colors, when you’re done bury it half into the soil.

6. Control Invasive Plants

idea to control invasive plantIf your pot is partially broken or can be arranged together, grow invasive plants in it. Bury it half in the soil and plant an invasive plant such as mint in that. This trick will stop that from spreading.

7. Build a Frog House

broken pot frog house

To do this, simply place it upside down near a moist spot in your garden. Use your creativity, paint it with beautiful colors, label it, and you’re done.

8. Use them to Drain Water

How to Turn Broken Pots into Stunning Features 8

Before adding soil into the container, line the bottom with some terracotta pieces from a broken pot. This trick will help excess water to drain away from the roots.

9. Make a Bird Nest

How to Turn Broken Pots into Stunning Features 9Try this–for making a bird’s nest: put some moss, add pebbles, and a figurine in the broken pot for an eye-catching element in the garden.

10. Protect a Seedling

How to Turn Broken Pots into Stunning Features 10

You can protect the tender seedlings from pets or animals by using a broken pot ‘collar’. This will also stop the slugs from reaching it.

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11. Repair It!

How to Turn Broken Pots into Stunning Features 11

A broken pot can be fixed. For this, clean and dry the cracked area, and apply silicone cake or cement adhesive. Collect the broken pieces together, and set them in place with a tape or string. Allow it to dry overnight.

12. Build a Mini Alpine Garden from Broken Pot

How to Turn Broken Pots into Stunning Features 12

Follow this idea and give a makeover to a broken pot, making a small alpine garden.

13. Layered Plants in a Broken Pot

How to Turn Broken Pots into Stunning Features 13

Layer up the plants in a broken container, and give it a beautiful look with different, colorful succulents.

14. Shade Seedlings

How to Turn Broken Pots into Stunning Features 14

Shade the small seedling by putting a broken pot above it. This idea will protect the young plant from harsh sunlight and make it look cool.

15. Stack Them Up

How to Turn Broken Pots into Stunning Features 15

Reuse large broken pots by stacking one piece on top of other, filling potting mix, and tucking in the plant.

16. Make a Simple Succulent Arrangement

How to Turn Broken Pots into Stunning Features 16

Take inspiration from this image and grow your favorite succulent in a broken pot.

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17. Use it to Grow Flowers

How to Turn Broken Pots into Stunning Features 17

Set a broken pot in a slightly tilted position, fill up the soil, and propagate your favorite groundcovers in it.

18. Let Succulents Flow!

How to Turn Broken Pots into Stunning Features 18

Fill soil in the broken planter, plant succulents, and improve your creative skills at no cost.

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