13 Easy DIY Seedling Greenhouse Ideas

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Growing plants from seeds can be challenging. Don’t worry! These DIY Seedling Greenhouse Ideas will come in handy.

Easy DIY Seedling Greenhouse Idea

Do you want to start your garden with seedlings despite the weather? Find out all the tricks and tips you need to create your own DIY Seedling Greenhouse Ideas. 

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DIY Seedling Greenhouse Ideas

1. Egg Crate Greenhouse

Easy DIY Seedling Greenhouse Idea 1

Start seeds in a used, clean, and empty egg crate to mimic the greenhouse humidity level. Then, slide the box into a reusable bread bag to provide ample sunlight and moisture. Get details here!

2. DIY Soda Bottle Greenhouse

Easy DIY Seedling Greenhouse Idea 2

Cut off the top part of a 2-liter plastic soda bottle and slide the bottom piece over the seedling. This will trap moisture and boost faster growth. Get the tutorial here!

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3. Clear Plastic Greenhouse

Easy DIY Seedling Greenhouse Idea 3

All you will need is a used, empty, clean air-tight plastic food container, cardboard rolls, and tissue paper cones to create a greenhouse for your plants. Here‘s everything you need to know!

4. Berry Box Greenhouse

Easy DIY Seedling Greenhouse Idea 4

Berry boxes come with drainage holes that make them a good choice for making a DIY greenhouse for your plants. Pick a strong one with ample outlets to make one for yourself. Get the details here!

5. Upcycled Milk Jug

Easy DIY Seedling Greenhouse Idea 5

Start your seedlings in a transparent and recycled milk jug easily by cutting off the top part and growing seedlings in it. The enclosed surface will multiply the humidity level, helping your plant’s growth. Click here for the detailed process.

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6. Chicken Seed

Easy DIY Seedling Greenhouse Idea 6

Transform a chicken container into a functional mini greenhouse. Poke enough drainage holes, fill the bottom with soil, spray some water and sprinkle the seeds to enjoy new saplings shortly. Get the details here!

7. CD Spindle Case Greenhouse

Easy DIY Seedling Greenhouse Idea 7

Empty CD cases can make beautiful and functional greenhouses for your plants. Drill a few holes at the top, and you are good to grow mini saplings regardless of the harsh weather outside. Click here for the details!

8. Egg Shell DIY Greenhouse

Easy DIY Seedling Greenhouse Idea 8

This is another excellent DIY Seedling Greenhouse idea that can be made using empty, clean eggshells and a clear plastic wrap to cover your seedlings. Get the details here!

9. Terrarium Greenhouse

Easy DIY Seedling Greenhouse Idea 9

Choose a plastic container or glass terrarium to drill enough holes in it. Then, fill the terrarium with soil and sow the seeds. Cover back the top part and watch your seedlings grow. Details are here!

10. Clear Storage Tote Greenhouse

Easy DIY Seedling Greenhouse Idea 10

When the temperatures are erratic, use tote bags to make a mini-greenhouse for your plants, protecting them from the extremes outside. Click here for the details!

11. DIY Umbrella Mini-Greenhouse

DIY Umbrella Mini-Greenhouse

Plant your saplings in a container and use an old umbrella to cover them up to increase the humidity level. Get the details here!

12. Greenhouse From Recycled Items

Greenhouse From Recycled Items

Use recycled items like salad boxes or clear plastic containers with a cover for starting seeds, add potting soil, and spread seeds for this idea.

13. Rain Barrel Greenhouse

Rain Barrel Greenhouse

The most important element you need for this greenhouse is a rain barrel, and you can get it ready in just 60 minutes. See details here.

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