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Here are some Cute Things to Do with Wine Glasses ideas that will surely appeal to the gardener in you to use them in several ways!

You will be surprised to know that apart from sipping wine, there are many Things to Do with Wine Glasses! Have a look at them here!

Check out our article on growing succulents in wine glasses here

Cute Things to Do with Wine Glasses

1. Succulent Garden

Things to Do with Wine Glasses

Create a mini succulent garden in wine glasses. The steps are simple and aptly explained here!

2. Color-Dipped Glass Vase

This 10-minute color dipped planter craft is perfect if you want to display your air plants or succulents. Get the tutorial here.

3. Glass Terrariums

Things to Do with Wine Glasses 2

Fill the pebbles in glasses and add soil and mini succulents or cacti. The detailed tutorial is here.

4. Broken Glass Planter

Garden cress in a broken wine glass

Use a broken glass to grow microgreens or sow seeds. We found the idea here.

5. Spring Planters

Things to Do with Wine Glasses 3

You can make indoor planters out of wine glasses, a charming way to decorate your home. Read the article here.

6. Stemless Beach Terrarium

You can use any basic glass for this beach terrarium project. Grab some beachy accessories, airplants and take inspiration from this tutorial.

7. Succulent Planter

Things to Do with Wine Glasses 4

Replicate this super easy glass planter idea to add interest to any corner of your home. Visit The Hometalk to know the steps.

8. Terrarium Style Cake Stand

They glued a glass plate to the bottom of a large-sized wine glass and turned it upside down. The space in the glass is used to set a mini pumpkin and shredded paper. Of course, you can try your things. The DIY is here.

9. DIY Succulent Jar

Things to Do with Wine Glasses 5

Use a pair of glasses to create a succulent planter like this. Gain more information here.

10. DIY Wineglass Planter

Fill the bottom with small stones, then a layer of sand and potting soil, and add succulents to each glass; it’s not that tricky! Click here for more details.

11. Gift an Air Plant in Wine Glasses

Things to Do with Wine Glasses 6

It’s a unique wedding favor or gift idea. For this, you’ll need a half cup of sand, air plant, wine glass, and a small string of burlap. We found the idea here.

12. Turn Broken Wine Glasses Into Awesome Coconut Planters

Do not throw away the old and broken glasses and use them creatively to make coconut planters! Details are here.

13. Candle Holder

Things to Do with Wine Glasses 7

Display Christmas candles in style in glasses that also make for a great looking table centerpiece. Click here for details.

14. Upcycle a Wine Glass into a Planter

Use an old glass as a planter to grow a small vining plant. You can also use it to display faux ones. Details are here.

15. Succulent Glasses

Things to Do with Wine Glasses 8

All you need is some old glasses, river sand, and succulents, along with a few other supplies for this DIY.

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