17 Ideas & Tips For Growing Carnivorous Plants In Containers

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Growing Carnivorous Plants in Containers is possible. We added 17 ideas–Create a mini bog, carnivorous plant terrarium or grow them indoors!

You can easily maintain the moisture, humidity level, warmth and bog-like growing conditions for carnivorous plants in pots.

1. DIY Mini Bog

Growing Carnivorous Plants in Containers

Create a low-maintenance mini-bog full of carnivorous plants in a container. Get the tutorial at BBG!

2. Growing Pitcher Plants in Containers

Carnivorous Plants in Container

For all their unbridled cruelty, pitcher plants are really somewhat forgiving to restricting container conditions. Learn how to grow them here.

3. Windowsill Carnivorous Plant Garden

Windowsill Carnivorous Plant GardenFollow this simple carnivorous plant arrangement from Instructables to make this mini bog garden for your windowsill.

4. Carnivorous Plants Display for Balcony Garden

Carnivorous Plants Display for Balcony Garden

Liven up your balcony with this colorful display of prey/predator drama. Visit the Gardener’s World to learn more.

5. Best Pots for Carnivorous Plants

Best Pots for Carnivorous Plants

What can be the best planters for carnivorous plants? Discover them in this article!

6. Container Carnivorous Plants

Create a carnivorous container garden for a brilliant show of enigma and colors. Find the steps at here.

7. How to Make a Carnivorous Terrarium

Keep your carnivorous plants humid and happy in terrariums. Learn how to make a carnivorous terrarium here.

8. Growing Carnivorous Plants

Learn growing carnivorous plants in your garden in this post.

9. How to Grow the Best Pitcher Plant

For the carnivorous garden aspirants, it’s an informative article at Wikihow!

10. Basic Instructions for Growing Carnivorous Plants

Basic Instructions for Growing Carnivorous Plants

Learn the basic instructions when growing carnivorous plants. This article here is helpful.

11. Carnivorous Plant Terrariums

This terrarium tutorial shows you how to recreate swampy conditions in your glass containers and jars for carnivorous plants.

12. Growing Sundew Plant

Learn growing Sundew here in your garden to catch the fruit flies. Not to mention, it looks bizarre and beautiful its own way.

13. Gorgeous Carnivorous Plants Growing Tips

Gorgeous Carnivorous Plants Growing TipsSneak peek at some gorgeous carnivorous plant pictures and learn important growing tips in this article.

14. Growing Pitcher Plant Indoors

Can you grow pitcher plant indoors? Get the answer here.

15. Carnivorous Houseplants

Carnivorous Houseplants

Grow these creepy insect-eaters as houseplants. Get the instructions at Apartment Therapy!

16. Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

Carnivorous Plant Terrarium

Another Carnivorous plant terrarium project to follow, click here.

17. Quirky Carnivorous Bog Planter

The Good Housekeeping has a great carnivorous plant project–Instead of filling a terrarium with succulents, fill it with carnivorous plants.

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