How To Make A Terrarium (Everything) In 11 Infographics

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Learn How to Make a Terrarium in these 11 infographics. Print them out or save them in your mobile phone to remember the steps and tips!

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1. Everything About Making A Terrarium

Create a living world in a clear glass container of any shape and size, plants, and other gardening supplies. Take help of this infographic to build your first self-sustaining terrarium at home!

2. Terrarium Basics

This infographic provides almost every information you need to create a terrarium. From plants to drainage layers to tools, it gives you the basic idea.

3. Terrarium Types

Credit: Tamara

Before learning how to make a terrarium, aware yourself about its attributes and relative information to decide which type of terrarium you want.

4. Succulent Terrarium

How to Make Terrarium? It’s not that difficult. Everything illustrated in this infographic by favecrafts.

5. Terrarium Construction

This infographic provides some of most handy terrarium hacks. Follow them to build a terrarium easily.

6. DIY Succulent Terrarium

If you are choosing succulents for your terrarium, this infographic is for you. It provides a step by step tutorial for a DIY succulent terrarium.

7. How to Make a Terrarium

This infographic gives you a quick glance tour of how to build a terrarium. You can use it as a guide.

8. Beach Terrarium

Print out this infographic to remember the ingredients and steps you’ll need to create a beach terrarium like above.

9. Terrarium Guide

how to make a terrarium

This informative how to make a terrarium infographic has every information you need to a successful terrarium.

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10. Closed Terrariums vs. Open Terrariums

A great infographic from 46 Spruce that shows the difference between the open terrarium and closed terrarium. The selection of plants, containers, drainage layers, and growing requirements are explained in detail.

11. Steps to Make a Terrarium

This helpful infographic from Floral Garage Singapore explains everything well.

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