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24 Spectacular DIY Bamboo Projects & Uses In Garden

You won’t believe how these DIY Bamboo Projects will enliven the beauty of your garden.

1. Bamboo Garden Fence

Bamboo Garden Fence

Want to create a garden fence? How about this bamboo fence idea? The steps are here.

2. Bamboo Tomato Cage

One of the best bamboo uses in the garden is to make trellises and cages out of them to support tomatoes and cucumbers. Here’s the DIY tutorial. Check out more tomato cage ideas here.

3. Easy Bamboo Hanging Planters

That’s a cool bamboo craft idea here–A natural, hanging bamboo planters for the pure country appeal.

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4. Bamboo Cascading Fountain

Bamboo Cascading Fountain

Make a beautiful DIY bamboo water fountain out of split-in-half bamboos that act like troughs with the help of this tutorial.

5. Bamboo: Planter and Trellis

Visit the Family Handyman to learn how this bamboo planter and trellis was made.

6. DIY Bamboo Privacy Screen

Build your own bamboo privacy screen. It’s not difficult. The tutorial is here.

7. DIY Vertical Bamboo Planter

Watch this video to learn how to build a vertical bamboo planter, which can hang anywhere in your patio, courtyard or balcony.

8. Bamboo Garden Trellis

One more bamboo trellis idea to support your cucumbers and other climbers. Learn how to make it here.

9. DIY Bamboo Swing in Garden

DIY Bamboo Swing in Garden

This rustic bamboo swing will look good in your yard. The step by step article is here.

10. Large DIY Bamboo Wind Chimes For Backyard

If you would like to listen to the sound bamboos, make a giant bamboo wind chime like this. One of its kind of tutorial video is here.

11. Bamboo Grow Wall

How about this vertical bamboo planter idea? We found it here.

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12. Own Bamboo Garden Cubby

One of the coolest DIY bamboo projects in the garden–Build a natural, secluded room for yourself or your kids in your backyard. The tutorial is here.

13. Pallet And Bamboo Courtyard Gate

Build a courtyard gate all by yourself using bamboos and pallets. Get the inspiration from here.

14. Bamboo Garden Edging

You can use bamboos to create sightly, criss-cross garden edging. Click here for the tutorial.

15. Bamboo Pea Trellis

Bamboo Pea Trellis

Support your garden peas by making a simple pea trellis like this. Find out more pea trellis ideas here.

16. Bamboo Tiki-Torch Anchors

Bamboo Tiki-Torch Anchors

Aren’t they cool? Visit Martha Stewart’s website to learn how they were made.

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17. Bamboo Water Feature

Make this excellent water feature for your urban home to tackle the traffic noise by trickling water. The instructions are here. Check out more water feature ideas.

18. Bamboo Planting Container

This DIY bamboo project is pretty simple–Separate a big hollow bamboo in half, but leave the nodes in the end intact. Drill a few drainage holes, fill the soil in planter and plant assorted succulents. Read the details here.

19. Vertical Planter From Bamboo

Vertical Planter From Bamboo

Build a handsome vertical planter like this one for your front porch. Instead of herbs, grow succulents in that. Check out more Vertical Planter Ideas.

20. Bamboo Outdoor Shower Enclosures

Get a feeling of a tropical island like excursion right in your backyard with a bamboo shower enclosure. One video tutorial is here.

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21. DIY Bamboo Spiral Garden

Instead of using other materials like bricks or rocks to build a spiral herb garden, use short bamboo poles.

22. DIY Bamboo Wind Chimes

This DIY bamboo wind chime idea is much better looking than the one above. Learn how to make it here.

23. Bamboo Mason Bee House

Mason bees are excellent pollinators, and they don’t bite. It’s a good idea to make a bee house for them as they don’t make hives. Tie a bundle of bamboo reeds and place that on a tree branch that’s sheltered and less windy. We found the idea here.

24. Bamboo Garden Bench

Bamboo Garden Bench

If you’re a skillful DIYer, you can build a spectacular bamboo bench like this.


  1. I hope these 21 DIY-friendly garden trellis ideas and vertical growing structure projects will inspire you and I to explore all the creative possibilities of an abundant and beautiful garden!


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