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18 Balcony Gardening Tips to Follow before Setting up a Balcony Garden

With some balcony gardening tips, ideas and a lot of tricks, it is not difficult to transform your balcony into a real small garden.

Especially, if you are new to this. Just follow these 18 basic tips before setting up a balcony garden and you’re all ready.

Create a garden on the balcony

Balcony Gardening Tips to Follow before Setting up a Balcony Garden

Before you embark on the development of a little corner of greenery on your balcony, be sure to follow some essential rules.

1. Your little garden must be easy to maintain in the beginning. So Keep it simple: if you don’t have time to maintain, grow low care plants.

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2. Prepare a plan in advance according to the size of your balcony. A small sketch on paper is enough to give you an account of the opportunities you have in your space.

3. Set a budget before you begin. Many of us believe that a balcony garden with a few flower pots is not very expensive. This may be true, but it totally depends on what you want to have there. The price may vary accordingly. So it is better to take your time to prevent yourself from getting out of the budget.

4. Consider watering . It’s a priority. If you own a South or West facing balcony or if your balcony is windy or if you live in tropics you will need to water more often.

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5. If you will go on a vacation you will need a troubleshooting solution to water your plants. Calling your neighbor can be an option? If not, opting for an automatic watering system for your pots and planters is a great idea.

6. Check out the hours of sunshine your balcony receives. Is it facing the North? South? Plantations you choose to put in your mini-garden very much depends on their exposure to the sun in your balcony. You will need to read our posts on South facing balcony, West or East facing balcony or if you have a north facing balcony, read this.

7. If you live in a rented condo or apartment, you need to know if there are specific regulations and rules to follow, depending on the place you live. In some places, the suspension of plants outside the railings is prohibited. There are also the restrictions of load weight of pots and planters. So it is better to find that out before you begin.

8. To give a bit of gaiety and color to your balcony, grow flowers. Depending on your taste, desire and constraints of your balcony (space, sunlight, budget), the possibilities are endless.

9. Give attention to space and choose flowering plants according to it. For example, you can grow climbing plants as they acquire vertical space or if you have more room, plant shrubs in pots. In general, the smaller plants that don’t take much of the horizontal space usually have a prominent place on the balconies.balcony gardening tips

10. Grow both the perennials and annuals. Give space to exotic plants but don’t forget to plant the natives as they are the easiest to grow.

11. Also, check out the brightness. In a shaded space, green plants like ivies and ferns are great. You can also fall for climbing vines like clematis, honeysuckles, jasmine or bleeding heart (whatever suits your climate). On a large balcony with a lot of exposure to the sun why not choose to grow shrubs– citrus, oleander, gardenia, shrub roses or heather in a pot.

12. Think about the seasons. The flowers and plants you choose to grow may not necessarily bloom all year on your balcony.  So, choose the plants according to the season.

13. Think about the type of pots you need to have for the balcony garden. Read our previous post on balcony gardening for more info.

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14. Have fun and feel free to vary the colors to bring cheerfulness to your balcony. You may like to read our post on how to choose color schemes for a garden for better insight

Create a vegetable garden on the balcony

15. It is entirely possible to develop a small edible garden on your balcony. Of course, you can not feed your family, but you can still have your own organic and delicious harvest. A few edibles like tomatoes, peppers, chilies, eggplants, many green leafy vegetables plus all the herbs grow well. For complete information, read our guide on balcony vegetable garden.

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16. To create your mini garden, opt for sufficiently large planters so that your plants have enough space to develop.

17. The space available for the development of your plants is less than in a regular garden, so be sure to choose a soil of very good quality to optimize the growth of the plant.

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18. Finally, the last in our balcony gardening tips, to keep your garden in a great shape, do not forget to apply fertilizer regularly.

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