21 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening

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Here are 21 clever Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening. These ideas will save your money and make you look creative!

Have unused items in your kitchen? How about using them to grow plants? Here are 21 DIYs that will teach you to reuse kitchen items for indoor gardening.

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Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening

1. Grow Herbs and Houseplants in Mason Jars

21 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening 1

The old mason jars can easily be utilized for growing herbs like Basil, Oregano, Chives, Mint, Marjoram, and Cilantro. For a beautiful display, you can also grow other shallow root houseplants.

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2. Start Seeds in Tissue Paper Rolls


The tissue paper rolls in your kitchen can become perfect biodegradable pots to start seeds. Check out this simple tutorial

3. Use Colanders as Hanging Baskets

21 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening 2

Do not dump the old colanders. Instead, use them to hang lush houseplants like Ferns or Pothos in a bright corner of your house. 

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4. Use Coffee Filters to Prevent Soil Seepage

Many planters come with large drainage holes that lead to soil seepage with water. Covering such pots with coffee filters will allow proper drainage preventing soil particles from spilling through the holes.

5. Reuse Kitchen Utensils as Planters

21 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening 3

You can hang some large serving spoons, ladles, and whiskers to grow air plants or succulents with a creative touch. Go for some showy specimens for an attractive look.

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6. Setup a Herb Garden in Coffee Mugs


You can use old tea cups or coffee mugs to grow a herb garden. Go for the bigger ones, as the miniature cups won’t serve the purpose. 

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7. Use Aluminium Foil to Grow Houseplants

21 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening 4

You can use aluminum foil to reflect direct sunlight for plants that thrive in bright, indirect light. Make a box out of the foil and place the plant inside, as shown in the picture. The bright rays will refract into the plant from the base.

8. Use Spice Boxes to Store Seeds


Spice boxes or old drawers with organizers work great for storing vegetable and flowering seeds from the seasonal harvest. This will help you store various seeds in a single place.

9. Start Seeds in Punnets or Strawberry Boxes

21 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening 5

Punnets have enough holes at the bottom; you can use them for starting seeds, propagating cuttings, or growing succulents. For instance, a strawberry container works pretty well as a seed rooting chamber. 

10. Use Forks and Spoons to Work the Soil

Take one of the spoons or forks from your cutlery for the essential indoor gardening chores such as tilling, loosening, or gently tapping the soil when transplanting succulent or small houseplants.

11. Start Seeds in Old Ice Trays 

21 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening 6

You can reuse the old and cracked ice trays to start vegetable seeds. Just fill the pockets with the growing medium and sow the seeds. You may also grow a microgreen garden in a similar manner.

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12. Use Salad Tongs to Repot Cacti


Do you need to repot your cacti? Use salad tongs to hold the pricky succulents carefully. This will protect you from the sharp tickling spines, besides serving the purpose perfectly.

13. Use Wine Glasses to Propagate Cuttings

21 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening 7

You can put your beautiful wine glasses to good use for propagating stem cuttings—these will also work as perfect centerpieces. Alternatively, you can also go for perfume bottles, spice pots, and old jars to serve the purpose. 

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14. Use a Refrigerator for Dormant Seeds and Stratification


Warmth and humidity can shorten seeds’ life, and the refrigerator can be an excellent place to store them. Also, seeds like apples, plums, acorns, and flowering bulbs like tulips and daffodils must be refrigerated before sowing for successful propagation.

15. Insert Chopsticks or Kitchen Skewers for Support

21 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening 8

If you have some kitchen skewers and chopsticks at home, save them. These kitchen items can make for significant plant stakes for any starter plants that need support. 

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16. Use Kitchen Cart to Create a Movable Indoor Garden


You can use an IKEA cart to make an indoor garden that can be moved to any suitable spot with ample light. Check out this guide to learn more. 

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17. DIY Plant Markers from Spoons

21 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening 9

You can easily make plant markers for the garden using old spoons, paint, and other crafting essentials mentioned in the tutorial here.

18. Old Baking Tin Herb Planter


A baking tin can be made into a beautiful herb planter like this by following a few simple steps mentioned here. Make one for yourself today!

19. Old Frying Pan Succulent Planter

21 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening 10

Do not dump old frying pans into the junkyard. Instead, make a succulent planter for yourself. You may also use spray paint to give the pan a classy look. Follow the tutorial here.

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20. Succulents in Soup Ladles

This can be an attractive addition to your home. Simply hang the old soup ladles from a wire and display your favorite succulents in style.

21. Use Meat Thermometer to Measure Soil Temperature

21 Ways to Reuse Kitchen Items for Indoor Gardening 11

Use a meat thermometer to measure the soil temperature before sowing the seeds. Make sure the thermometer can measure the lower soil temperatures accurately. Details are here.

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