Fast Growing Vegetables For Quick Harvest (Can Be Grown In Containers Too)

If you get little impatient when growing vegetables– Must see this list of Fast Growing Vegetables. Most of these fast growing container vegetables can be harvested in 2 months or even quicker.

1. Lettuce


When it comes to fast growing vegetables, lettuce is our favorite. Healthy and continuously productive, this crispy salad green has many qualities that make it a blessing for health. Growing lettuce is easy and fun too, to read more about this click here!

2. Arugula (Rocket)

arugula in pot

Arugula is an aromatic, peppery-flavored salad green. This easy to grow leafy green is fast growing, and you can start to harvest it in just 20-21 days for baby leaves. Window boxes or other shallow but wide containers are suitable; you can place this edible where it will receive a fair amount of sun and plenty of moisture.

3. Spinach


Spinach is one of the vegetables that can be grown in both shade and sun. It grows easily in containers, and you can even plant it indoors on a windowsill. For growing spinach in pots, choose a pot that is least 6-8 inches deep and use a quality potting mix that is rich in organic matter. Check out this article to learn how to grow it in pots.

4. Beets

beets in container

Growing beets in containers is quick and easy, and you don’t need a large container for planting it, too. A container that is 6-8 inches deep and soil that is rich in compost is all you need. Its roots get ready to harvest in as little as 45 days although you can harvest the greens within two to three weeks.

5. Radish

Radish in pot

Radishes are one of the quickest growing vegetables and suitable for container vegetable gardening as you can also grow them in small pots. A planter that is 6 inches deep is enough as they have a shallow root system. Radishes are ready for the harvest within 24-60 days, depending more on the variety.

6. Asian Greens


Asian greens are great to grow in pots in shady spaces, they grow fast and don’t need a lot of sun. You can grow them in a spot that receives only 3-4 hours of sun. Providing them plenty of moisture and organic fertilizer is important so that they thrive.

Bok choy of one of the Asian greens that get ready to harvest as soon as about 30 days for baby varieties.

7. Green Onion


Green onions can be a crispy and delicious addition to your salad bowls and sandwiches. Even in a limited space like a windowsill, you can get enough harvest. Green onion stalks can be picked after 3 or 4 weeks.

8. Sprouts


If you are little impatient for harvesting, grow sprouts. Sprouts can grow almost anywhere in your home. It is such a rewarding experience as they grow easily and quickly. All you need is a quart jar, a few tablespoons of sprouting seeds and water. In a week, you’ll have a jar full of healthy delicate sprouts that can be sprinkled on salads, added to sandwiches or tossed into soups for a delicious and healthful twist on your favorite recipes.

9. Fenugreek

fenugreek in pot

Fenugreek is a lesser known annual Asian vegetable (popularly used in the Indian subcontinent), it grows quickly if the temperature is warm in summer. You can start this plant from seeds just like spinach. Check out more here!

10. Peas


Within 2 months after planting, peas can be harvested. If you choose a right variety and growing conditions are optimal, growing peas is super easy, even in containers. Also, check out our article on BEST CONTAINER VEGETABLES!

11. Kale

Kale in pot

Kale can tolerate some heat, but the best flavor comes when the weather cools down, especially in spring and fall. You can plant kale from early spring to late summer, and if you want to try this green in subtropical or tropical climate, winter is the right time for its growth.

12. Okra

okra 1

Also known as “Lady Finger,” this slimy-sweet, warm weather vegetable is favorite of many Southerners and in other parts of the world. It’s true that no other vegetable can taste like okra! Many okra varieties start to produce pods in just 50 days, not only this– its flowers look beautiful too.

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13. Mustard Green


Like other greens, mustard is one of the fast growing vegetables. It is easy to grow and prefers warm weather. You can use its tender leaves in salads, or use it like spinach. There are also many curry recipes that require mustard leaves.

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If you get little impatient when growing vegetables-- Must see this list of Fast Growing Vegetables. Most of these fast growing container vegetables can be harvested in 2 months or even quicker.