13 Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation

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Are you looking for smart ways to keep your plants alive while traveling? Check out our Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation!

Before going on a holiday, take these steps to ensure your indoor and outdoor garden plants and flowers are alive, healthy, and happy. Read on to learn the Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation!

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Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation

1. Add Mulch to your Plants

Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation

Mulching can help your plants retain moisture and prevent weeds’ growth. Make sure to use grass clippings or leaf compost, as they are rich in nutrients and are easy to use. 

2. Make a Plastic Bag Greenhouse


Water your plants as usual and place the bag on top of it. Blow some air into the bag before you tie it up. Place the plants in a spot with bright, indirect sunlight. The mini greenhouse can capture water and bring it back to the plants. 

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3. Choose the Traditional Water-Wicking Way

Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation 2

Place a cotton rope long enough to fit the bottom of a water container and bury its other tip in the plant’s pot, about one inch into the topsoil. The cotton rope will slowly wick water to the container and keep it from drying up while you are on vacation. 

4. Make a Watering Plan


You can make a timed watering arrangement that can open the hose in 2-3 days intervals. All you have to do is to line up the pipe, with holes in-between, in the garden or a raised bed. This will help to distribute the water evenly into the growing medium.

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5. Make a DIY Drip System 

Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation 3

Take an empty, clean plastic bottle and drill a small hole in the cap. Fill the bottle with water, turn it over, and plunge it into the top 3-5 inches of the soil into a container.

This way, the water will leak slowly out of the bottle and keep them hydrated while you are away. 

6. Club Hanging Baskets Together

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Hanging baskets and containers always dry out faster when the weather is hot. Putting them close together will lessen the drying winds’ impact and help them retain moisture for long.

7. Shower Your Plants Before Leaving

Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation 4

Place the containers in the sink and open the tap to give them a nice shower. This will make the growing medium and foliage well hydrated. 

Note: Make sure that the tap has a shower feature otherwise, use your hand.

8. Choose Self-Watering Pots


Another clever hack to keep your garden alive and healthy while on vacation can be to choose self-watering pots for your indoor garden. Alternatively, ready-to-use kits can help you convert the existing pots to self-watering ones. 

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10. Put Up Artificial Shade 

Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation 5

To keep your plants away from the intense heat of direct sunlight, install an artificial shade using a cover of thin white sheets. If the plants are growing on a flower bed with access to direct sunlight, put up the shade and make sure the space is well-ventilated. 

11. Cut Back and Deadhead


Cutting back and deadheading your flowers before leaving could be a clever hack. The deadheading method reduces the amount of water that the plant needs. It allows it to use the necessary amount for survival rather than producing seeds and blooms. 

12. Time Your Garden Harvest

Clever Tips for Garden When Going on Vacation 6

Time your garden vegetables, so they are ready to pick when you return. This will save the harvest from rotting.

13. Weed the Garden at the Least Possible Time

Weeds tend to suck away the moisture and become a troublesome competitor to the plants. Remove them at the least possible time before you leave for your vacation, so there are fewer chances of them taking over the garden until you return.

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