22 Raised Bed Ideas for Balcony Gardeners

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Raised Bed Gardens for Balcony are perfect for growing vegetables or herbs of your choice in a limited space. They are also great for older people!

If you live in an urban apartment and want to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers easily in a small space, then you can take ideas from these Balcony Raised Garden Bed pictures!

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Raised Bed Gardens for Balcony

1. Raised Bed to Salad Greens and Other Plants

Raised Bed Gardens for Balcony

If you have a large balcony, you can grow salads with other plants easily in a big raised garden like this.

2. Wooden Raised Vegetable Garden With Sections

The individual sections in this raised garden will make it easy for you to grow different veggies.

3. Mini Raised Bed

Raised Bed Gardens for Balcony 2

This mini-raised bed is great for compact apartments and studio balconies. You can grow many plants in one with this idea.

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4. An Elegant Raised Garden Planter

This elegant raised garden with a metal stand makes it easy for you to reach for the plants.

5. Planter with Wheels

Raised Bed Gardens for Balcony 3

This movable raised planter is great for growing salads and herbs. You can also move it according to the light!

6. Large Raised Beds


These large raised beds add character and functionality to a big balcony. A balcony sitting is incomplete without such lush foliage.

7. Tall Planter Box with Wheels

Raised Bed Gardens for Balcony 4

This tall, raised bed with wheels makes it easy for you to move it around. It also has two shelves so you can create a tiered garden.

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8. Raised Bed for Flowers

Grow different flowers of your choice in a small space using this balcony raised garden bed!

9. Raised Bed with Sections

Raised Bed Gardens for Balcony 5

The bottom section of this raised bed makes it easy for you to store a watering can with some other tools.

10. Veggie Garden

This mini raised bed with individual sections is great for growing veggies like cauliflower.

11. Low Raised Bed

Raised Bed Gardens for Balcony 6

This wooden, sleek balcony raised garden bed takes less space and offers plenty of room to grow salad greens and herbs.

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12. Space Saving Planter

This space-saving planter is a raised bed to grow your favorite plants easily. There’s plenty of space at the bottom for pots and tools.

13. Wooden Boxes as Raised Beds for Herbs

Raised Bed Gardens for Balcony 7

These wooden boxes are ideal for growing herbs easily in a limited space. You can easily make this using an old table and crates.

14. Galvanized Raised Balcony Bed


This raised balcony garden bed made of metal makes a statement and allows you to grow multiple plants easily.

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15. Raised Bed Garden Idea


You can also go for these matching raised beds for your balcony. Look how amazing the foliage looks in these dark colors.

16. Balcony Box for Plants


Take some old wood and get to work. We guarantee you can make this raised bed box for your balcony over the weekend.

17. Raised Rocky Garden Bed


Want an exotic raised bed for your beautiful plants? Here’s what you’ve been looking for!

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18. Tiered Raised Garden Bed


With plenty of space for beautiful flowers and veggies, this raised garden bed needs only a tiered stand and planter-saucer combo.

19. Raised Bed for Small Balcony


Don’t worry if you’re short on space. This raised bed for a small balcony will grow all the plants you wish.

20. Balcony Raised Bed with Greenhouse


This balcony raised garden bed also turns into a greenhouse with the help of a plastic sheet.

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21. Vining Plant Raised Bed Idea


If you’re fond of vining foliage, pick metal or wooden trellis and stick them in the garden bed like this idea.

22. Raised Bed for Tomatoes


You can turn large plastic tubs into raised beds for growing tomatoes on the balcony with the help of some bricks.

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