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Add a touch of creativity to your indoor or outdoor plant display with these fun and practical DIY Plant Saucer Ideas!

Are you tired of constantly spilling water and dirt on your floors and surfaces when you water your plants? Look no further than these DIY Plant Saucer Ideas! These simple and fun projects not only help contain any mess but can also add a touch of creativity to your indoor or outdoor plant display.

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DIY Plant Saucer Ideas

1. Broken Wall Saucer

DIY Plant Saucer Ideas

Take an old broken clock and remove the glass. Voila, you now have an amazing and unique saucer for your plants. It is one of the best DIY Plant Saucer Ideas.

2. Vintage Plant Saucer

Vintage Plant Saucer

Take a metal saucer and spruce it up with vintage photographs to create this beautiful vintage plant saucer. Here is the DIY.

3. Alcohol Container Saucer

Alcohol Container Saucer for plant

Have empty alcohol containers? Put them to good use and make this amazing alcohol container saucer with a little bit of elbow grease.

4. Sauce Tray

Sauce Tray for plant

Take empty sauce trays and glue some jute rope to them to add to the touch. You now have a beautiful plant saucer.

5. Plastic Bottle DIY Plant Saucer

Plastic Bottle DIY Plant Saucer

One of the best and cheapest is this plastic bottle plant saucer. Just cut the bottom half of a plastic bottle and place a mini planter in it. You can also add jute rope in a crisscross pattern for some beauty.

6. Mason Jar Lid Saucer

Mason Jar Lid Saucer for plant

Take a plastic mason jar lid and make an attractive plant saucer with this DIY here to one of the best DIY Plant Saucer Ideas.

7. Transparent Saucers

DIY Plant Transparent Saucers

Have plastic cutlery or lips lying around? Put them to good use and make simple and functional plant saucers for your planters.

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8. Hypertufa Saucers

Diy plant Hypertufa Saucers

Check out this amazing saucer for your plants that you can make using hypertufa. Here is the DIY.

9. DIY Cement Pot Saucer

DIY Cement Pot Saucer

Learn how to make this amazing cement pot saucer; you will never need to worry about getting saucers anywhere else. Check it out here.

10. Terra Cotta Coasters

Terra Cotta Coasters

These DIY terra cotta coasters are perfect for miniature pots and planters in your home. Learn how you can make them here.

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11. Large Tuna Cans

DIY Plant Saucer Large Tuna Cans

Did you know that you could use large tuna cans as drip pans for your plants? It is one of the easiest and best DIY Plant Saucer Ideas.

12. Egg Carton DIY Plant Saucer

Egg Carton DIY Plant Saucer

You can also use egg cartons as saucers for little plants. However, this idea is only suitable for seedlings or little plants, as egg trays cannot handle a lot of water.

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