25 Awesome Pictures of Balcony Gardens Around the World

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Here are the pictures of the most Awesome Balcony Gardens Around the World that you can take inspiration from to make a similar one in your home!

In this pandemic, gardening is all rage! We bring you some of the most beautiful pictures of Balcony Gardens Around the World that you can take some really good ideas from.

Here’s all you need to know about how to make a balcony garden

Awesome Balcony Gardens Around the World

1. Scandinavia – Lights, Flowers, and Plants

2. Spain – Balcony with Small Coffee Table, Chair, and Plants

3. Switzerland – Balcony with Table, Couch, and Flowers

4. France – A Green Paradise!

5. Germany – A Beautiful Canopy Setup in a Balcony

6. UAE – Relaxing Balcony with Plants and String of LEDs

7. London – Balcony Jungle with a Swinging Chair

8. Argentina – Sunny Balcony with Flowers and Plants

9. Vietnam – Balcony with Hanging Ferns and Trailing Plants

10. Persia  – Yellow Dining Table with Potted Plants

11. Spain – Hanging Planters with Cacti and Other Plants

12. Mexico – Trailing Plants in Small Balcony

13. France – Modern Balcony with Swinging Chair and Plants

14. Illinois – Flowers, Lights, and Couch

15. Malaysia – Hanging Ferns and Guitar!

16. UK – A Beautiful Rooftop Balcony

17. Indonesia – A Blooming Balcony

18. Dubai – Balcony Decor with LED Lights and Plants

19. Russia – White Balcony with Potted Tall Plants

20. Beirut – Coffee Table and Plants

21. Iran – Covered Balcony Garden

22. British Columbia – Mini Garden Beds in Balcony

23. Canada – Urban Balcony Garden

24. Australia – Raspberry and Other Edible Plants in Balcony

25. India – A Candle Lit Balcony!

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