15 Easy DIY Salad Bowl Garden Ideas

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Take your first step towards a healthy lifestyle by growing your own food taking inspiration from the DIY Salad Bowl Ideas listed below!

If you are looking for convenient options for growing different greens or veggies in one place, check out the DIY Salad Bowl Ideas list in the article below!

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DIY Salad Bowl Ideas

1. Lettuce Bowl

DIY Salad Bowl Ideas

A DIY lettuce bowl is a handy way to grow salad greens in a limited space. All you need is a 5-6 inches deep bowl and you are good to go. Learn more here.

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2. Hanging Lettuce Basket

Grow a hanging lettuce basket on your sunny porch that receives 5-6 hours of morning sunlight balanced by a good amount of afternoon shade. Get the details here.

3. Grow Different Lettuce Specimens in a Single Container

DIY Salad Bowl Ideas 2

Grow different specimens of lettuce in a single bowl following the tutorial here. This will help you enjoy a fresh harvest in a limited space.

4. Grow Your Own Living Salad Bowl

A living salad bowl is a wise option to grow lettuce as it takes minimal place and little care to produce a good harvest. Watch the tutorial for details.

5. Tabletop Salad Garden

DIY Salad Bowl Ideas 3

Grow your own tabletop salad garden by installing raised beds for lettuce, chards, collard, cilantro, and other microgreens that make your salad bowl delicious. Learn more here.

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6. Microgreen garden in a Bowl

A DIY microgreen bowl will help you produce nutritious organic food at your convenience. Provide ample bright indirect sunlight and a well-draining medium. Learn more here.

7. Salad and Herb Container Garden

DIY Salad Bowl Ideas 4

Growing a salad and herb garden is pretty easy. All it requires is a 10-14 inches tub, organic garden soil, and some lettuce. Click here for details.

8. Colorful Salad Bowl

Go creative with your gardening practice and mimic this colorful salad bowl using a colander, card, stencil, and two varieties of lettuce seeds. The tutorial is here.

9. Mesclun Salad Bowl

DIY Salad Bowl Ideas 5

Grow a DIY mesclun salad bowl and include a combination of delicious greens like lettuce, arugula, mustard, and endive in your salad platter. Click here for details.

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10. Lettuce and other Salad Greens Bowl

This salad bowl is a form of sustainable gardening where you can lettuce for a season-long harvest. Learn more here.

11. Summer Salad Bowl

DIY Salad Bowl Ideas 6

Make your summer activities more interesting by planting the salad bowl. Include kale, spinach, lettuce, and Swiss chard. Read more here.

12. Easy Salad Bowl

Grow your own salad bowl with the help of a tutorial here. You may include herbs and greens of your choice.

13. Super Space Saving Salad Bowl Gift

DIY Salad Bowl Ideas 7

DIY a salad bowl including herbs, lettuce, and whatever you like to put. See details here.

14. Living Salad Bowl

Grow your favorite greens in a cement or clay bowl on your porch and make the most of container gardening. Learn more here.

15. Mini Salad Garden

DIY Salad Bowl Ideas 8

Don’t have enough space for growing a salad garden? Don’t worry. We have the solution to your problem in our article!

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