21 Most Amazing Apartment Balcony Lighting Ideas

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These Balcony Lighting Ideas can transform your balcony into the most magical and beautiful place of your home in the nighttime!

Here are some really amazing Balcony Lighting Ideas that will really enhance the open area of your apartment. Let your outdoor space shine!

Check out some really romantic balcony ideas here

Balcony Lighting Ideas

1. Balcony Makeover with Lanterns and Bamboo Screen

That’s a cool balcony makeover with a bamboo screen for privacy and lantern-style lights and some plants. See the details here.

2. Festive Lights

Decorate your balcony for Christmas and New Year or any other festival by adding lights, ornaments, and comfy furniture.

3. A Ladder Lantern

Find out how this blogger transformed an old ladder into a chandelier in this DIY post. You can hang this ladder chandelier anywhere!

4. Trailing Lights

You can decorate your outdoor area–balcony, deck, or backyard with string lights, candles, and faux lighting items. This post at The Home Depot is helpful.

5. Railing Lanterns are Fine

If you’ve got several glass jars, use them to create these railing lanterns. Get the DIY here.

6. Star Lanterns Look Amazing

Star lanterns can give a festive look to your balcony. Consider adding them, either buy or DIY them. One of its kind of tutorials is here.

7. String Lights

Image Credit: IKEA

String lights can make your balcony more charming at night when the sun goes down. Consider adding lots of lanterns and candles.

8. Fairy Lanterns

These fairy lanterns can spruce up the appearance of your small balcony. Keep them on a tabletop or any other visible place. Get the tutorial at eHow.

9. Colorful Fairy Lights

Don’t you love this balcony lighting for Christmas? Your only outdoor space can be the best festive retreat. Decorate it with colorful Christmas, aka fairy lights during holidays.

10. A Romantic Outdoor Space


Draping fairy lights around the balcony railing or wall is an excellent idea. Add a willow heart, which you can make by yourself by wrapping the fairy lights around the willow wood.

11. Light up Candles

Candles alone can give a dreamy touch to your balcony. Use candle holders to hang them.

12. Little Lanterns on Floor

If you have a large balcony, then add little lanterns to the floor to make it look dreamy during nighttime!

13. Bulbs on the Railing with Candles

A string of bulbs on the railing along with candles in little glasses, mason jars, or vases can make your balcony stand out in the night!

14. Diffused and Focus Lights


Install diffused lights on the balcony’s floor to add an indirect glow to the space. It will add a lot of bling to the space! You can also use focus lights for plants and pots.

15. Mood Lights

Use different types of light sources like lamps, bulbs, candles, and string lights to set up the right mood in your outdoor space!

16. Filament Bulbs Balcony Lights


Perfect for those summer nights when you want to enjoy books in subtle light, this balcony lighting idea with filament bulbs is one of the best on our list.

17. Trailing Warm Light Bulbs with Trailing Plants

Balcony Lighting Ideas 5

Don’t want the hassle of string getting caught in your head? Go with these yellow bulb balcony lighting ideas on the ceiling for lighting the balcony and get a clean look.

18. Balcony Lighting Idea for Readers

Balcony Lighting Ideas 7

Love reading on the balcony? This mesh of string lights on the balcony and a candle will certainly create a cozy reading nook.

19. Hanging Lamps

Balcony Lighting Ideas 9

Don’t stay stuck with string lights! Pair these up with artificial hanging lamps like this balcony lighting idea.

20. Bulbs and a Star

Want to learn the secret to a star-studded balcony lighting idea? Some string lights and a literal light in the shape of a star!

21. Lighted Wall for Small Balcony

Balcony Lighting Ideas 15

Have a small balcony but don’t know how to adorn it with lights? All you need is a wall full of flowing string lights!

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