Balcony Decorating Ideas | 17 Things to Buy for a Balcony

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We’ve got some really cool Balcony Decorating Ideas to make the open space in your apartment stand out in style!

If you are not happy with the open space in your studio or an apartment, then don’t worry! Here are some out-of-the-box Balcony Decorating Ideas that will surely transform it into a magical place to be!

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Balcony Decorating Ideas

1. Rocking Chair and Wood Bench

Balcony Decorating Ideas 1

Go with this combination of a rocking chair and a wooden bench if you love spending time with your loved ones and reading. Throw in some tin planters with your favorite plants!

2. Pallet Plant Holder for Beautiful Blooms

Short on space but need some plant ideas for the balcony? Put some pallet wood to good use and make this vertical plant holder that will solve all your space problems.

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3. Barbecue Grill and Umbrella

Balcony Decorating Ideas 3

We bet you’ll love to have some hot dogs and hamburgers under the shade of this umbrella, and your guests would too. Make sure you plant some herbs that you can just pluck and relish.

4. Railing Table for Coffee Cups

A railing table is a must-have balcony decorating idea for someone with a tiny space for two! You can keep pots, coffee cups, books, or anything on it!

5. Metal Shelf for Your Favorite Plants

Balcony Decorating Ideas 5

This metal shelf with tin and terra cotta pots along with a cozy sitting of wooden chairs is a perfect balcony decor idea for a small studio!

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6. Hanging Baskets with Fragrant Flowers

Never underestimate the power of some fragrant flowers when talking about balcony decor ideas. Just a bunch of these in hanging pots can lift your mood and balcony!

7. Wooden Furniture and Vintage Planters

Balcony Decorating Ideas 7

Who said you always need shiny stuff to stand out? Some tree stump table cum plant stands, a rustic pot, and an old wooden bench would make you feel like royalty!

8. Bamboo Privacy Screen and Fall Decor

Love the vibrant colors of fall? Go with this private sitting space to keep away prying eyes, and adore the table with a fall bouquet and an adorable pumpkin. You can also plant some tall shrubs if you need balcony decoration ideas with a little privacy.

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9. Railing Planter to Save Space

Balcony Decorating Ideas 9

These railing planters are a boon to plant enthusiasts who want a balcony full of blooms but don’t have much space.

10. A Carpet for a Luxurious Touch

Add a carpet for cleaner and simpler decorating ideas for the balcony. You can also keep a pot of plants of your choice in the corner.

11. String Lights for Romantic Evenings

Balcony Decorating Ideas 11

If you love romantic and aesthetic evenings, string lights are perfect for you. Just a handful of these and a cozy sitting can change any balcony or relationship!

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12. Add a Hammock


Want decorative ideas for the balcony that’ll become the neighborhood’s envy but also one you can enjoy? Nothing will top this hammock, so you can enjoy the views around, relaxing!

13. Add Paper Lanterns

Balcony Decorating Ideas 13

Hang lanterns for a touch of whimsy and warm lighting. They add a cozy ambiance during evenings, making your balcony an enchanting spot for gatherings and quiet moments.

14. Add a Pallet Wall Shelf for Planters with Cushions and Lights

Soft cushions and throw ideas for decorating a balcony will add comfort and style to your seating when you lay down and enjoy chill winter evenings. Pair these up with planters to complete this balcony decorating idea.

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15. A Green Wall with a Mini Fence!

Balcony Decorating Ideas 15

Make the most of vertical space with a vertical garden full of herbs, flowers, or succulents, adding a lush, green vibe to your balcony. You can also add a small wood fence to save the planters from your pets.

16. A Water Feature


Do you love the sound of relaxing and soothing flowing water? Small water features like a fountain or a cascading waterfall are must-have balcony decorating ideas.

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17. Chalkwood Wall, Wind Chimes, and Colorful Upholstery

Balcony Decorating Ideas 17

Paint one of the walls with chalkboard paint and turn it into a canvas for creativity, allowing you to draw, write messages, or create artwork. Add some wind chimes and relax on a colorful couch!

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