18 DIY Tiered Plant Stand Ideas for Multiple Plants

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Take a look at these amazing DIY Tiered Plant Stand Ideas that will help you display your plants in style!

In this article, you’ll explore some creative and simple DIY Tiered Plant Stand Ideas to help elevate your garden or a small interior space.

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DIY Tiered Plant Stand Ideas

1. Wooden Ladder Plant Stand

DIY Tiered Plant Stand 1

An old wooden ladder can be repurposed into a charming tiered plant stand. Simply lay it horizontally, secure the rungs at even intervals, and place your potted plants on each step. Here’s the DIY.

2. Staircase Plant Stand

Replicate the charm of a staircase with this tiered plant stand idea. You can construct it using wooden boards, arranging them at various heights and angles to create a unique tiered effect. Check out the DIY here.

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3. Wooden Crate Plant Stand

DIY Tiered Plant Stand 3

Wooden crates can be stacked to form a customizable tiered plant stand DIY. You can paint or stain the crates to suit your style. Place them in your garden or patio for a rustic, functional display. Learn how to make it here.

4. PVC Pipe Plant Stand

Consider using PVC pipes. Cut them into different lengths and connect them into a ladder-like structure. Spray paint them in your desired color, and you have an affordable and eye-catching tiered plant display. Here’s the step-by-step guide.

5. Pallet Plant Stand

DIY Tiered Plant Stand 5

Upcycled pallets can be transformed into a versatile tiered plant stand. Disassemble the pallet and create shelves by securing the planks horizontally. Paint the wood to enhance its appearance. Here’s the do-it-yourself.

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6. Hanging Tiered Plant Stand

This hanging plant stand is perfect for small spaces. It consists of multiple levels of plant hangers or shelves suspended from a wooden or metal frame. Tutorial here.

7. Teacup Tiered Plant Stand

DIY Tiered Plant Stand 7

Repurpose vintage teacups and saucers into a DIY-tiered plant stand. Secure them to a metal or wooden spindle, and use adhesive or wire to keep the cups in place. Plant small succulents or herbs in the teacups. Take a look at this DIY.

8. Recycled Tire Plant Stand

Old tires can be stacked or connected to create a sturdy tiered plant stand. Paint the tires in vibrant colors to add a playful touch to your garden. Here’s the DIY guide.

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9. Metal Pipe Plant Stand

DIY Tiered Plant Stand 9

You can create an industrial-style tiered plant stand using metal pipes and connectors. This durable and stylish design suits both indoor and outdoor spaces. Check it out here.

10. Floating Shelf Plant Stand

Create a sleek and modern tiered plant stand using floating shelves. Install the shelves at different heights on a wall to display your potted plants. This option is excellent for small spaces, balconies, or indoor gardens. DIY here.

11. Cinder Block Plant Stand

DIY Tiered Plant Stand 11

Stack cinder blocks to form a sturdy and industrial-style tiered plant stand. Simply arrange the blocks in your desired configuration and place wooden planks or boards across the tops to create shelves for your plants. Look at the DIY here.

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12. Tree Branch Plant Stand

For a rustic and natural look, use tree branches as the support structure for your tiered plant stand. This idea works beautifully in garden or woodland settings.

13. Metal Basket Plant Stand

DIY Tiered Plant Stand 13

Repurpose metal baskets or wire crates to create a tiered plant stand. Stack the baskets at different heights and secure them.

14. Folding A-Frame Plant Stand

Build a wooden A-frame plant stand that can be folded for easy storage when not in use. This design is versatile and can accommodate various plant sizes and types. Follow this DIY.

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15. Ladder Shelf Plant StandDIY Tiered Plant Stand 15

Transform a wooden ladder into a tiered plant stand by adding shelves to each ladder rung. It’s a practical and decorative solution for displaying a variety of plants. Here is how you can make it.

16. Terracotta Pot Stand

Repurpose terracotta pots for a DIY tiered plant stand. Stack the pots in decreasing sizes, with the largest pot at the bottom. Follow the steps in this DIY.

17. Foldable Tray Table Plant Stand

DIY Tiered Plant Stand 17

Repurpose an old folding tray table as a portable tiered plant stand. Simply place pots on the trays, and you can move your mini garden wherever you like, both indoors and outdoors. Here’s how you can make one.

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18. Repurposed Furniture Plant Stand

Give new life to old furniture by transforming it into a tiered plant stand. Items like vintage dressers, side tables, or bookshelves can be upcycled to display your plants creatively. Take a look at the DIY here.

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