9 Ways to Decorate a Rental Home with Plants

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If you are living on rent and looking for ways to Decorate a Rental Home with Plants, these ideas will help you a lot!

If you are living on rent and still want to enjoy a garden without making so many changes, you can employ these tips on How to Decorate a Rental Home with Plants.

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  • How to Decorate a Rental Home with Plants

1. Grow Plants on the Windowsill

How to Decorate a Rental Home with Plants

Windowsills are great to grow vegetables, flowers, and herbs, and if you have one that receives some sun–you’re still lucky. As it takes a little space to keep plants there, and you don’t have to invest much on a windowsill.

2. Create a Vertical Garden

An apartment may not have a garden, but don’t let this stop you from growing plants vertically! A vertical garden not only takes less space, but it also looks ultra-modern.

Here are some of the best Vertical Garden Ideas you can try

3. Get Hanging Baskets and Pots

How to Decorate a Rental Home with Plants 2

You can use hanging baskets and pot holders attached to the wall in your porch, balcony, or in any of your well-lit room to create more space.

4. Make a Window Garden

If your home has a large window that receives light, use it to grow your favorite plants or herbs.

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5. Use Furniture to Grow Plants

How to Decorate a Rental Home with Plants 3

This outlandish idea can make your home really interesting. We even have a post on this topic, which you can read here.

6. Make a Countertop Kitchen Garden

Making a countertop indoor kitchen garden will serve two purposes–it will add greenery to your kitchen and get fresh supplies for the meals. View some of the similar ideas here.

7. Make a Mobile Garden

A mobile garden is movable according to light and temperature requirements, which is good. You can take inspiration from here! You can also create a salad table garden with caster wheels to grow lettuce greens, spinach, and rocket.

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8. Decorate Walls with Greens

You can introduce a green element in your rental home by adding a green wall. If adding a living one is too much, go for an artificial plant or preserved moss wall. Also, check out some of the best plants for a vertical wall here.

Inspire yourself with some great green wall decoration ideas here

9. Start a Balcony Garden

How to Decorate a Rental Home with Plants 5

If you have a rental home with a balcony, then you can create a beautiful garden there. Our website is dedicated to it–you can check out the balcony gardening section to get more information and ideas.

Here are some awesome balcony garden ideas you can take inspiration from

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