20 DIY Salad Table Ideas For Fresh Veggies

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Want to grow your own salad but worried about space or poor soil? These DIY Salad Table Ideas are here for your rescue.

You can take inspiration from here and create a DIY salad table garden on your patio, rooftop, or balcony to enjoy the fresh homegrown green salad year-round. This would also save space if you use a table with the lower shelf.

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Salad Table Garden Benefits

A salad table garden is a unique approach to grow salad vegetables on raised tables. This is more like a portable raised bed with many other advantages:

  • If your salad table garden has caster wheels, you can move it easily, shifting it to a more favorable spot whenever you feel the need.
  • With a lower shelf attached to your DIY salad table, you get more space for keeping shady vegetables or other items below.
  • It’s also convenient for senior people with the back problem as they do not have to bend down to tend plants or for harvesting.

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DIY Salad Table Ideas

1. Self-Watering Veggie Table

DIY Salad Table Ideas

Using this self-watering wooden frame table, you can grow vegetables and herbs of your choice without the worry

2. DIY Waist High Planter Box

This functional wooden planter box takes less space and can be easily accommodated near a porch to grow your favorite edibles.

3. DIY Garden Bench for Salads

DIY Salad Table Ideas 2

All you need are fence palings, galvanized fly mesh, saw, power drill, staple gun, and staples to make this one easily. Details are here.

4. DIY Salad Table

This easy to make salad table gives you plenty of room to grow veggies in the wooden cross-pieces frame.

5. Lettuce Bench for Nearly Year-Round Salad Greens

DIY Salad Table Ideas 3

This neat looking wooden frame serves as a great place to grow lettuce, vegetables, and herbs all year round.

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6. Salad Table for the Urban Gardner

This compact salads table is a boon for people living in urban apartments to grow fresh salad greens.

7. Compact Lettuce Table

DIY Salad Table Ideas 4

This is how you can turn a vintage piece of furniture into a salad growing table. It’s small in size and can fit any place!

8. Portable Salad Table

The portability of this salad table makes it perfect for moving around, where you can get maximum sunlight to grow your veggies.

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9. Raised Bed Lettuce Table

DIY Salad Table Ideas 5

You can use any old table, desk, or another upcycle-worthy item to make this one and grow lettuce or other vegetables. Details are here!

10. DIY Pallet Garden Salad Bar

Use recycled containers and group them on a wooden table to have individual sections where you can grow green vegetables and herbs.

11. Salad Table in the Garden

DIY Salad Table Ideas 6

If you have extra space in your garden, you can utilize it to grow salads by placing a wooden table with sections.

12. Salads on Wooden Planks Table

You can DIY a table like this with individual sections to give ample space to each crop.

13. Built-In Salad Bar

DIY Salad Table Ideas 7

This built-in salad bar is the best way to enjoy fresh salad and herbs while having meals with your family.

14. Lettuce and Herb Table

DIY Salad Table Ideas 8

Not only this salad table is purposeful, but it also looks quite attractive and can be a great addition to your porch or patio.

15. Salad Picnic Table

Create a great looking picnic table with wooden planks having an area at the top to plant herbs, lettuce, or edible flowers!

16. Waist High Salad Table

DIY Salad Table Ideas 9

These wooden tables are perfect to grow vegetables and salad greens all year round!

17. A Red Stained Salad Table in the Garden

Image Credit: Gary Bachman

This beautiful table can be a welcoming addition to your garden where you can grow salads with ease!

18. Compact Salad Table

DIY Salad Table Ideas 10
Image Credit: Gardeners.com

The compact size and dimensions of this table make it perfect to be placed anywhere to grow salads of your choice.

19. Large Table For Greens

If you have a big family, then this table is going to take care of all the salad greens requirements for all the members!

20. Raised Table for Salads and Herbs

DIY Salad Table Ideas 11

An easy to make, simple approach to growing salads and herbs, this table can be placed anywhere. It is also cheap to make!


DIY Salad Table Instructions

With the help of this illustration, you can design your own salad table. We found it here.

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