24 DIY Plant Pot Containers with Handles

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Here are the best DIY Plant Pot Containers with Handles for showcasing plants in style and moving them easily whenever you want.

Add some greenery to your home with a creative touch with these DIY Plant Pot Containers with Handles! Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, these pots are the perfect way to showcase your plants and make them easy to move around. So grab your supplies, and let’s get crafting!

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DIY Plant Pot Containers with Handles

1. Tin & Soda Can Planters

Tin & Soda Can Planters with Handles

Make these cute tin and soda can planters with handles made of craft wire. Learn how to DIY here.

2. Wooden Trug with Pallet Wood

. Wooden Trug Containers with Handles 2

Combine wooden pallets with screws and a hammer to create this wonderful wooden trug. Make sure to add a plastic lining or landscaping fabric before adding the soil. Here is the DIY.

3. Homemade Grow Bags

Homemade Grow Bags use as container.

These homemade grow bags are a wonderful idea for plant pots with handles. Lightweight and durable, learn how to make these here.

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4. Recycle Tire Planter Bags

Recycle Tire Planter Bags

Have old tires lain around? Turn them into recycled tire planter bags with this DIY here.

5. Pail Planter

Pail Planter use as containers

Turn old pails or metal buckets into amazing planters with this DIY here. You can add a sturdy handle using a drill bit and rope.

6. Hanging Planter

Hanging Planter as Containers with Handles

Take a dollar tree planter, add ropes on both sides for a handle, and hang it on a wooden stick taken from a plunger handle. Learn how to DIY here.

7. Fabric Planter

Fabric Planter as container

Follow this amazing DIY  idea and make it using twill fabric patterns, rope, plastic liners, and a little bit of elbow grease.

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8. Metal Carrot Planter

meta container with handles

Look at this amazing Metal Carrot planter you can make using roof flashing from any hardware store. For a handle, take rebar wire and add wooden beads to it. Here is the complete tutorial.

9. Loaf Pan Planter

Loaf Pan Planter as container

Take a loaf pan, glue wooden legs to give it height, drill two holes for a twisted wire, and have a unique plant pot container. Just add some paint and make it your own. Here is the complete DIY.

10. Regal Red Planter on Stand

Regal Red Planter as container

Turn a vintage bucket into an amazing planter for your porch with this DIY. You can add it to a wooden table and add your house number to make it stand out.

11. Plant Pot Containers with Handles

Plant Pot Containers with Handles

Here are amazing plant pot containers with handles you can hang or place anywhere in your home.

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12. Woven Foldable Belly Basket with Handle

woven basket Pot Containers with Handles

These woven foldable belly baskets also have strong, convenient handles if you change their place regularly.

13. Golden Planters

golden Containers with Handles

Turn your old pots into the most luxurious planters with handles by converting your old pots following this DIY. All you need to do is clean the old pots, use gold spray paint, and add a layer of soil and your favorite plants to it.

14. Goblet Planter

Goblet Planter with handle

How beautiful this goblet planter looks with its intricate patterns and ornamental handles!

15. Wide Metal Planter

Wide Metal Planter

Check out this elegant wide and shallow metal planter that uplifts any home. You can turn any old pot into a plant pot with handles.

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16. DIY Wall Planter

wall planter with Handles

Have large metal pots that have been sitting in the scrap? Just cut them in half and bolt them to the wall to create this idea.

17. Iron Pot Turned Planter

iron bucket as container with handle

Want something graceful with no effort at all? Here is an amazing idea: turn a rustic old pot into a DIY plant pot with a handle. The crack on this one gives it character and charm. Learn how to DIY here.

18. Old Kettle Style

kettle planter as container with handle.

Make the most of old kettles of various shapes and sizes to make DIY. Just add some soil, moss, and herbs, and you can also turn the collection into a beautiful herb garden.

19. Dustbin Planter

Dustbin Planter as container with handle

Here is a shiny trash can planter that looks nothing like a trash can after you put in some elbow grease. With a long and sturdy handle, you can easily carry it anywhere. Check out how to DIY here.

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20. Dustbin Planters

dustbin Containers with handle

Take old trash cans or dustbins like this DIY here and turn them into beautiful Plant Pot Containers with Handles.

21. Trash Can Flower Planter

trash container with flower and handle

Want an elegant flower planter that takes just $5 and 15 minutes? Follow this DIY and turn the trash can into beautiful planters using a little copper spray paint.

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22. Wood Box Planter with Drawer Pulls

Wood Box Planter as container with handle

Here is one of the most amazing DIYs that you can build using 1 x 6 boards, chalk paint, and drawer handles. You can use it as a flower bed or add mason jars to it. Check out the DIY here.

23. Vinyl Gutter Plant Pot

hanging Plant Pot Containers with Handles

You would certainly open the door again and again if your porch had these amazing hanging plant pots with handles. Take some vinyl gutter, end caps, rope, and L-brackets if you want to add the planters to the wall. Here is the complete DIY.

23. Old Frying Pan

Old Frying Pan as container with handle

Any old frying pan in the kitchen can act as a great planter, especially for small plants like succulents and cacti. So, if you have an old one you are thinking of discarding, don’t! Use it in a creative way like this!

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