12 Best White Anthurium Varieties

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Check out the Best White Anthurium Varieties for an elegant touch to your plant collection. They are one of the best houseplants!

If you want some of the prettiest plants to grace your home with their elegance, then have a look at the Best White Anthurium Varieties!

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Best White Anthurium Varieties

1. White Anthurium

White Anthurium

Also known as the flamingo flower, this white anthurium has tube-shaped white shiny flower bracts on the end of a long stalk over green leaves.

2. Anthurium Amnicola White Tulip

Anthurium Amnicola anthurium

This beautiful indoor plant offers bright-hued white or light pink and lavender tulip-shaped, long-lasting flowers. The white berries appear after the plant has been pollinated.

3. Anthurium AcropolisAnthurium Acropolis

Acropolis Anthurium was named after a Greek monument. It displays tropical waxy, long-lasting, heart-shaped white flower bracts with a yellow spadix.

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4. Anthurium Fantasia

Anthurium Fantasia

The elegant variety has spathes with 5-6 inches width. They are cream-hued with red veins and margins with blush pink spadix covered in white dots.

5. Anthurium Denali

Anthurium Denali

This green-white anthurium has pink-hued spadix; it can be used solely in big flower arrangements due to its size and shape.

6. Anthurium Jose White

Anthurium Jose White

Anthurium Jose White displays beautiful heart-shaped pure white flower bracts with light pink spadix over large green leaves.

7. Anthurium Mini Putih

Anthurium Mini Putih

This graceful cultivar shows glossy white flower bracts and green foliage on short stems. It loves humidity and warmth.

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8. Anthurium Samora White

Anthurium Samora White

This low-maintenance, breathtaking tropical variety has shiny, spear-shaped, dark-green foliage and stunning, long-lasting white blossoms.

9. Anthurium Vanilla

Anthurium Vanilla

Anthurium Vanilla exhibits a rich tinge of off-white and a medium-pale hue of yellow blossoms. It prefers bright and indirect light.

10. Anthurium Mauna Loa

Anthurium Mauna Loa

This bi-colored anthurium has a white core green perimeter. Other varieties include Pearl, Tropic Ice, and Rainbow Obake.

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11. Anthurium Dwarf White

Anthurium Dwarf White

This miniature variety produces white flower bracks on short stems over heart-shaped green leaves. It grows best in bright, indirect light.

12. Anthurium Lime Burst Obake Flower

Anthurium Lime Burst

This exotic flower showcases leaf-like blossoms in a blend of white and lime-green shades. The spadix varies in color from white to yellow to green.

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