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Check out some fun and easy DIY Fence Planter Ideas that you can use to transform the looks of your dull railing with plants and flowers!

Want to transform your boring garden fence into something exciting? Here are some easy-to-make DIY Fence Planter Ideas that will help you out!

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DIY Fence Planter Ideas

1. Felt Wall Planter

DIY Fence Planter Ideas

This DIY is perfect for your backyard fence or even a vertical wall on your patio or balcony!

2. Fence Mounted Herb Planters

Add a dash of beautiful colors to your fence by growing Petunias in these mounted planters. Check out the tutorial here.

Have a look at these exotic Petunias!

3. Tin Can Fence Garden

DIY Fence Planter Ideas 2

These colorful tin cans will add a bold look to your fence. Use them to grow your favorite flowers. Details are here.

4. Tire Planter By the Fence

Add pastels to your garden by painting old tires in your favorite shade and grow seasonal veggies and flowers. Click here for details.

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5. Upcycled Plastic Bottles

DIY Fence Planter Ideas 3

Upcycle plastic bottles to create a beautiful herb garden on your fence! Just hang them with a string or rope. Watch the video here.

6. Mount Old Cycle on a Fence

Give your garden a vintage look by mounting your old bike over the fence. Decorative flower boxes and rustic planters will add to the grace. Details are here.

Do vintage vibes have your heart? Then this is for you!

7. Driftwood as a Hanging Flower Box

DIY Fence Planter Ideas 5

Give a distinct weathered look to your fence with a piece of driftwood as a hanging flower box for growing your favorite plants. Click here for details.

8. Ladder Planter on Fence

This versatile idea makes a perfect planter for a fence. You can place it along the fence for growing colorful plants. Details are here.

9. Tires on Fence

DIY Fence Planter Ideas 8

Reuse old tires and make cool planters! Grow trailing vines or succulents into them. Click here for details.

10. Mason Jar Planter

All you need is a plank of wood and mason jars to grow herbs on your garden fence! Details are here.

Want to give those cheap pots a luxurious look? Check this out!

11. Flowers on Fence

DIY Fence Planter Ideas 9

You just need some terracotta pots and spray paint to make this one easy for your garden!

12. Metal Fence Planters

Old metal boxes, different shades of spray paint, and clamps are all you need to make this DIY.

13. Hanging Fence Garden

DIY Fence Planter Ideas 10

Check out this DIY to make a hanging fence garden to grow herbs and fruits!

14. Vertical Planter by the Fence

If you have an empty space by the fence, then make this planter to grow different plants of your choice! Click here for details.

15. Clematis Trellis on a Flat Fence

DIY Fence Planter Ideas 12

Turn that boring, flat fence into a living wall of vines and flowers with this easy DIY clematis trellis made from cedar slats! Details are here.

16. Flowerpots on Fence

Here’s a simple idea to use the open space on your fence to hang flower pots.

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17. Fence Shelves

DIY Fence Planter Ideas 15

Here’s a smart way to use the space on a wooden pallet fence to display pots!

18. Succulent Fence Planter

Mix succulents and sedums to create an out-of-the-ordinary fence planter that is sure to impress! Details are here.

19. Plywood Fence Planter

DIY Fence Planter Ideas 20

The idea behind the planters is to add a bit more greenery to an otherwise dull fence! Click here.

20. Hanging Fence Planters

These fence planters hang on the fence and are made of the fence! Details are here.

21. Hanging Bottle Planters

Upcycle the old bottles into creative hanging planters. Check here for details

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22. Wooden Fence Planter

Place your ceramic or terracotta pots on mounted shelves by the fence.

23. Pallet Wood Letter Planter

Go creative by adding these letter planters to your yard. Check the details here.

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24. Vertical Pocket Herb Garden

Add this pocketful of herbs to your fence and give your yard an evergreen look. Click here for details.

25. Hanging Flower Baskets

Throw a splash of colors to your fence by hanging alluring flower baskets. Check out the details here.

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26. Vertical Wooden Planter

Grow your vertical garden by the fence with this easy DIY.

27. Vertical Flower Pots by the Fence

Grow herbs or your favorite succulents in these Vertical flower pots.

28. Fence Gutter Garden

Grow hanging plants or petunias in this DIY gutter garden.

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