18 Beautiful DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas

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Do you want to grow plants in your washroom? Here are some awesome DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas to get inspired!

These cool DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas are the best way to invite greenery to your restroom while saving heavy bucks!

Here are the best plants you can grow in bathrooms

DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas

DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas

This easy-hanging DIY planter idea can be easily used in a bathroom. Great for vining plants like pothos.

2. Simple Hanging Basket

All you need is a string and a basket like this to grow plants like ivy in the bathroom.

3. Planters on the Wall

DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas 2

These oval and round planters on the wall can be great for a small bathroom!

4. Two Planters Above the Shelf

Add a classy green touch to your restroom with a set of humidity-loving houseplants above the bathroom shelf.

5. Hanging Plants from Horizontal Ladder

DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas 3

Suspend a ladder in the bathroom, and then hang your favorite plants on it! It is one of the most creative DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas. 

6. Built-In Section for Plants


While constructing a bathroom, you can get a built-in space made for the plants. It is a brilliant idea to use it in small washrooms.

7. Hang Pots on the Ceiling

DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas 4

A bathroom with a wooden or concrete ceiling can be a great place to hang pots, as shown in the picture. It is one of the most creative DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas. 

8. Wooden Section for Plants


A small wooden or stone structure by the tub can be used to grow plants or grasses.

9. Use a Pegboard

DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas 5

Pegboards are easy to install and offer tonnes of space to hang multiple pots! It is one of the most creative DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas. 

Here are some clever ways to use pegboard for plants 

10. Hanging Pots on Curtain Rod

The curtain rod in the bathroom can be used cleverly to hang pots of your plants.

11. Vining and Air Plants on the Mirror

DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas 6

The space behind the mirror is more than enough to hang small pots to grow vining and air plants.

12. Use Plant Pockets

Plant pockets not only save space but offer many sections where you can individually keep different plants. It is one of the most creative DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas. 

13. Keep Pots in the Space Above the Seat


Bathroom walls always have some or other space where you can keep plant pots, as shown in the image above.

14. Use the Wall!

An empty wall right next to the shower is all you need to hang pots or display them in plant pockets.

15. Use Wooden Planks

Hammer 2-3 wooden planks on the wall and hang pots on them. It is one of the most creative DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas. 

16. Stick Square Containers on the Wall

You can sticks square containers on the wall using a strong hold double-sided tape and use them to grow spider plants or vining succulents.

17. Shower Planter

An upside-down shower planter is a great way to showcase creativity and use the ultra-limited space in the bathroom to grow plants.

18. Plants Above the Wash Basin

living 4media

While designing your restroom, it would be a good idea to create a space above the washbasin that can be later used to grow plants. It is one of the most creative DIY Bathroom Planter Ideas. 

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