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Here are some amazing Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers that will bring a smile to anyone you give these to.

Needling little care and symbolizing tenacity, strength, and selfless love, succulents make the perfect gifts for anyone. Here are Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers that will excite anyone and convey your warm regards with these beauties.

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Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers

1. Succulent In a Book

Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers

Merge the impossible pair of plants and old books to create this fantastic book planter. This would be the perfect gift for every person who loves succulents. Visit Apartment Therapy for detailed knowledge.

2. Mini Copper Planters

For these mini succulent planters, you’ll need copper cap fittings, soil, and succulents. Remove the tarnish from the copper by using some teaspoons of ketchup. Get it here.

3. Mini Succulents

If you are looking for an expressive gift, this DIY Gift Idea for Succulent Lovers can win any heart. You need succulents, mini pots, twine, wooden tags, pebbles, and a sharpie. Read the instructions here. It is one of the best Succulent Sympathy Gift ideas too!

4. Teachers’ Day Succulent Planter

Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers 4

Spare your time to appreciate the ‘teachers’ in your life with this succulent gift idea. Whether it be your school life teachers or anyone who has helped you grow, this project is the right choice to show some love.

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5. DIY Succulent Gift

This succulent mason jar is a fun gift idea for any occasion and makes one of the best Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers. The washi tape and the printable tag add to the cuteness of this mini gift DIY.

6. Wine Bottle Succulent Planters

Cut the neck of a wine bottle using a glass cutter and fill the bottom with soil and succulents, done! Make sure you clean the container thoroughly before adding soil to remove any residue. Visit La Crema for step by step tutorial.

7. Succulent Gift Box

Tempt your gardener friend by giving them this kit to enlarge their collection of succulents. Just the right-sized materials and you are halfway done already. Visit here.

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8. Teachers’ Appreciation Gift

Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers 8

Here’s another teacher’s day succulent gift idea that you can give to your mentor to thank them. Be sure to choose the right wooden box size according to the size of the mason jars.

9. Berry Basket Succulent Planter

Color the top edge of a berry basket with a gold pen or acrylic paint and plant a succulent garden in it. Visit here for the tutorial for this amazing Gift Idea for Succulent Lovers.

10. Ruler Succulent Planter

Cut a 30 cm ruler into ten pieces of 3-inch each and glue them together to make a planter. Follow this site for complete instructions.

11. Succulent Mason Jar

These mason jar planters are a fun way to gift a bunch of succulents to your loved ones. Add a ribbon and a wooden tag to make it even more personalized. Check out the tutorial here. It is one of the best Succulent Sympathy Gift ideas too!

12. Lantern Succulent Planter

Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers 12

Plant succulents in a regular mouth mason jar ring and put it inside a lantern to make this DIY. Remove the glasses from the lantern to give the plants enough air exposure.

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13. Dinosaur Succulent Planter

How amazing are these gold-painted animals with a succulent on their top? Hollow out a plastic animal, paint it gold with spray paint and plant your succulent, simple! Get the in-depth tutorial here.

14. Mini Succulent Planter

Collect some wooden eggs and fill them with soil and succulents to do this mini-favor planter idea which is definitely one of the best Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers. Visit Live Laugh Rowe to learn more.

15. Rope Planter


Transform a plastic bottle into a rustic rope planter with some craft glue and rope. Although it doesn’t cost much yet can impress every beholder. The idea is at A Charming Project.

16. Patron Bottle Planter

Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers 16

Make this versatile mini planter by cutting a tequila bottle into the desired shape and later adding succulents to it. Take inspiration here.

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17. Fabric Planter

Wrap a baby succulent in the protection of a fabric tied with raffia for more of a rough look. This project is inexpensive and easy too, which makes it the best fit to give as favors.

18. Gift Tag Planters

Plant mini succulents into candle holders and adorn them with colorful twine and a tag. Watch the video to understand it briefly.

19. Apple Terrarium

Look for an apple-shaped glass jar in your nearby store and once you find it, get doing this fantastic DIY. It can be one of the most wonderful Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers since it’s pretty and simple to make!

20. Succulent In Christmas Ornament

Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers 20

A perfect craft to do during the festive time to rejuvenate your excitement for the holidays. Involve your kids in the process to crack open their creative side. It’s here.

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21. Holiday Gift

Wrap birch bark gift wrap around a seamless tin by securing it with some adhesive or tape. Finish your planter with a ribbon, a tag, and succulents of your choice. Check the short tutorial here.

22. Handmade Christmas Planter

These effortless and glittery planters are an excellent way to spread joy during this festive season. You need some paint and glitter to complete this project.

23. Holiday Succulents

Fill small jars with succulents and attach a tag to each to add a little more custom effect. If you don’t find colorful pots nearby, grab a clear jar and coat it with spray paint or acrylic paint. Use either clothespin or adhesive to work with the tags.

24. DIY Succulent Frame

Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers 24

Ever thought of hanging succulents in mason jars inside a thick frame? This is one of the best Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers and makes elegant home decor. Check this DIY available at Shanty 2 Chic.

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25. Lego Pots

Let your kids become creative with unique designs and patterns on a lego, which you can use as a succulent pot later. You only need some lego sets and sharpies, to begin with; the rest is understandable.

26. Teacup Succulent Planter

Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers 26

Teacup planters always prove to be great vintage decor in any surrounding, and with the combination of succulents, they are impressive to give to anyone. Read the directions here.

27. DIY Succulent Mason Jar

Transfer the succulents into a mason jar and finish it off with a tag or a ribbon; that’s it. We found the idea at My Life Abundant.

28. Gumball Succulent Planter

Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers 28

How about converting a gumball machine into a giant succulent planter to give as a gift to your closed ones? If not to gift, this idea is great to display as a centerpiece near the entryway. The Crafted Sparrow has the tutorial.

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29. DIY Succulent Terrarium

If you have some geometric containers by your side, you will fall for this DIY. They make a fabulous and simple gift for any occasion and are pretty too. Since such a container would not have a drainage hole, use pebbles to help you with it. Watch the tutorial here.

30. DIY Succulent Gift Wrapped

Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers 30

One of the best Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers includes these DIY-wrapped glasses. Just take an old glass, fill these with soil and gravel for the succulent, and wrap these with ribbons, strings, or hessian jute. Check out the DIY here.

31. Spilled Succulent Pot

Want a unique gift that will catch everyone’s eye? Take a small succulent pot and plant it sideways in a larger one. You can also adorn the soil with gravel, moss, or ferns for added beauty. Here is the DIY.

32. DIY Sea-shell Planter with Succulent


How amazing does this vibrant succulent look in this planter made of colorful pebbles and sea shells? Follow the steps in this tutorial to glue shells together with one of the best Gift Ideas for Succulents.

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33. DIY Wrapped Succulent Pots

Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers 33

Here is another great Gift Idea for Succulent Lovers. All you need to do is follow this DIY to wrap tiny succulent pots in hessian using a glue gun, ribbon, or ropes, and add a gift tag that you like.

34. Succulent in Cement Pot

Check out another amazing DIY gift idea with little effort. Follow the tutorial steps and create these beautiful small cement planters for succulents. You can also paint these in other colors, but they look amazing in bright white.

35. Succulent Terrarium

All you need for this wonderful succulent terrarium is a glass jar, a nourishing medium, gravel, and any succulent that you want to gift. Check out the tutorial here for this Gift Idea for Succulent Lovers.

36. Pink Gravel Succulent Pots

Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers 36

A wonderful succulent gift idea for baby showers for girls, here are tiny succulent pots with pink gravel you can find at Petco. You can also go for blue gravel for baby boys. Here is the complete DIY.

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37. Succulent Garden in Bowls


Check out these beautiful succulent arrangements in bowls and containers that you can make with gravel, soil, succulents, and figurines. Learn how to make all four of these here.

38. DIY Glass Succulent Container Gardens

One of the best Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers; just add layers of gravel to the glass, top it with soil, and add mini succulent varieties for this gift. Here is the complete DIY.

39. DIY Succulent Tower

Have an old candle holder? Line it with coconut fiber, fill some soil, and add succulents to the layers. Learn how to DIY here.

40. Clay Succulent Tower

Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers 40

Make one of the best Gift Ideas for Succulent Lovers with this DIY. Use pots of different sizes to create layers, fill these with nourishing soil, and add beautiful succulents to create a stunning succulent tower.

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