11 Functional DIY Cucumber Trellis Ideas

Find out the 11 most functional, easy to make, and inexpensive Cucumber Trellis Ideas in this post!

1. DIY Bamboo Tepee for Container Gardeners

DIY Bamboo Tepee for Container Gardeners

If you are a container gardener and growing bush cucumbers, you can quickly make 3 or 4 legged bamboo tepee from bamboo stakes to support your dwarf cucumber plants. Check out the tutorial here.

2. Cheap Cucumber Trellis

Create a cheap cucumber trellis out of recycled material. Visit Apartment Therapy to understand the steps.

3. DIY Cucumber Trellis

Build a functional cucumber trellis for your garden using 4 log posts and hardware fencing! Find the DIY here.

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4. Useful Tips

Before you start to build a trellis, read this VERY informative article to learn everything about the cucumber trellis!

5. Reasons to Grow Cucumbers on Trellis

Reasons to Grow Cucumbers on Trellis

Ever wondered why growing cucumbers on a trellis is a good idea? This article will clear all your doubts.

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6. How to Make a Cucumber Trellis

Unlike the tent-shaped trellis, this DIY vertical cucumber trellis serves the same purpose but takes less space. Visit The DIY Network to know more.

7. DIY Cucumber Frame

DIY Cucumber Frame This cucumber frame is suitable for limited space gardeners. It is made by using furring strips and clothesline string. View the DIY post here.

8. Inexpensive Cucumber & Vegetable Trellis

For this easy DIY, tie up some wire shelves to wood posts, that’s it. No hardware items required. It can support not only cucumbers but beans, peas, melons, and gourds.

9. Cucumber Trellis DIY

Create this space-saving cucumber trellis for your vegetable garden in no time! Watch the tutorial here.

10. Easy to Make Cucumber Trellis

This easy to make cucumber trellis idea is simple. It will cost you less than $10 and increase your yield, follow the steps here.

11. Cucumber Tent Trellis

Provide support to cucumber plants by creating this tent-shaped trellis using welded steel panels. Learn the directions here.


  1. This article is great too! My cucumber plant is growing so fast since I planted it 7 weeks ago. I used a wire rack that you find in your closet. It worked out really well! The only issue is it’s growing taller than the rack. I added a taller 3 spike trellis from Amazon to add about two more feet, but now it’s growing past that! It’s probably 6-7 feet tall now. Can I start training it to grow down the other side of the trellis?

  2. That probably won’t work. From experience the vines will fall toward the ground on the other side of your trellis. When they send out a runner they will grow toward the sun again due to differential growth (phototropism).


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