17 Awesome DIY Pallet Fence Ideas

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Have a look at the fastest and most cost-effective DIY Pallet Fence Ideas that you can easily make for fencing your yard!

Pallet boards are cheap, and you can literally fence your whole garden without spending a lot! Sounds good? Here are some awesome DIY Pallet Fence Ideas you can use!

Check out some really amazing pallet projects for gardeners here

DIY Pallet Fence Ideas

1. Easy Pallet Fence Patio Surround

DIY Pallet Fence Ideas

Here’s a detailed blog on how to make this easy pallet fence patio surround using 3×2 pallets.

2. Halloween Fence From Pallets

Here’s a fun idea to make a Halloween-themed fence using 6-foot fence pickets and a bunch of pallets.

3. Pallet Wood Fence Project

DIY Pallet Fence Ideas 2

This pallet wall is going to give remarkable protective coverage to your garden layout. Check out the details here.

4. Really Cheap Pallet Fence

Drill some supporting pallet boards to the wall and join them together using a nail gun, and you are good to go! Click here for details.

5. Pallet Wood Fence Gate

DIY Pallet Fence Ideas 3

Here’s an easy-to-make pallet fence gate that will also go really well with the rest of the pallet fence ideas on this list.

6. Vegetable Garden Pallet Fence


Make a pallet vegetable garden fence to protect your harvest from squirrels and rabbits. Details are here.

7. Pallet Garden Fence


DIY Pallet Fence Ideas 4

Pallet pieces have been nailed together to form a square fence loop holding wire mesh in the middle. For details, click here.

8. Pallet-Wood Garden Fence

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make a pallet garden fence for a play area or a vegetable garden in your backyard.

9. Medium Height Pallet Fence

DIY Pallet Fence Ideas 5

This medium-sized pallet fence is great for a small garden or a backyard where you want to cover the area without spending much.

10. Mini Garden Pallet

Build a little garden pallet wood and drill small holes in the top to add solar lights to them. Details are here.

11. Cedar Pallet Fence Gate

DIY Pallet Fence Ideas 6

Two 1″x3″x6′ boards, twelve cedar planks at 6′ each, 50+ 1.5″ finish nails, two 1-5/8″ IPS galvanized pipe straps, along with few other tools are all you need for this one.

12. Low Height Pallet Fence

This one is just perfect for covering the small area of your garden, and you might do it for almost free! Click here for details.

13. Upcycled Temporary Pallet Fence

DIY Pallet Fence Ideas 7

The pallets are painted with all-weather stain and securely attached on one side and the fence on the other with L-brackets. Details are here.

14. Halloween Wood Pallet Fence

Looking to make your yard look extra spooky for Halloween? Learn how to make a Halloween Wood Pallet Fence here!

15. Trellises Cum Fence for Climbing Rose Bushes

DIY Pallet Fence Ideas 8

This pallet fence will be good for both securing your garden and growing climbing roses! Details are here.

16. Backyard Pallets Fence

This simple and easy-to-make pallet fence can be done in a day or two if you have a small garden. Click here for details.

17. Fence from Recycled and Reused Pallets

DIY Pallet Fence Ideas 9

Watch the detailed video on making a beautiful garden fence using recycled wooden pallets here.

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