12 DIY Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas To Grow More Food

Follow these DIY Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas to save your floor space and grow more food vertically!

1. Plastic Gutter Vertical Garden

Follow these DIY Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas to grow more food in the same limited space you already had!

You can grow a lot of edibles on your patio or porch with a vertical vegetable garden like this. The tutorial is available in Spanish, translate it, and start working on this project.

2. Growing Herbs and Vegetables in Hanging Shoe Organizer

You can grow herbs and leafy greens in hanging shoe organizers.

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3. Vertical Green Planter

That’s a cool hack to grow an endless supply of green onions in one pot. For this, you’ll need a large plastic bottle, a pot, and a few other supplies. Learn more about it here!

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4. Hydroponic Vertical Tomatoes Gardening

DIY Vertical Vegetable Garden Ideas

Grow a lot of tomatoes vertically in limited space in these hydroponic towers. The plan and step by step details are available here.

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5. Vertical Herb Tower

You can grow a variety of herbs or leafy greens in a stacked pot arrangement like this. Find the tutorial at Martha Stewart’s site. Check out more herb tower ideas like that here.

6. Grow Up Vegetables Vertically

Growing Vegetables Vertically

If you’ve pets who love digging up and littering in your vegetable patch or you don’t own a lot of space, this vertical garden project made from hanging pocket shoe organizer is perfect for you.

7. Potato Tower for Small Space

Build a potato tower to grow a bumper crop of potatoes in a small space. The how-to is here.

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8. Vertical Lettuce Planter

Not just the potatoes, you can also grow lettuce vertically in a lettuce tower like this. Find out how this blogger did it here.

9. Vegetable Planting Tower

If you’re not very good at DIYs, you can also buy garden tower products. Check out this YouTube video.

10. Ladder Planter to Grow Vegetables

If you can do some woodworking, make a ladder planter holder like this. The DIY article is here. If you’ve got an old ladder, you can also repurpose it to grow plants vertically. Here’re some ideas!

11. Hanging Vegetable Gutter Garden

Grow vegetables vertically in a hanging gutter garden and save your floor space. Isn’t this a smart idea? The tutorial is here!

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12. Reuse Old Wooden Ladder

If you’ve got an old and damaged ladder, repurpose it in the garden as a trellis for climbing vegetables. You can also use it to hang the pots.


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