20 DIY Outdoor Bed Projects & Ideas!

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Having an outdoor bed to sit and relax is a perfect way to spend time close to nature. Here are some of the best DIY Outdoor Bed Projects & Ideas for you!

Romanticize the idea where you are spending time with your loved one in your garden, stargazing at the sky, and sipping a glass of wine? If you do, then you are in for a treat! We have some fantastic DIY Outdoor Bed Projects & Ideas that you cannot miss!

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1. Swinging Daybed

DIY Outdoor Bed Projects & Ideas

Hang a daybed made by using wooden boards, screws, rope, spray paint, and some other supplies in your garden. It gives you a personal space to spend a warm and cozy summer day. The instructions are available at HGTV.

2. Outdoor Canopy Daybed

Install this daybed in your outdoor to enjoy a cozy day, evening, or even night under the dramatic sky. Look at the plans and other details here.

3. Lounge Platform Bed

Upcycle a sturdy bed frame in making an outdoor lounge platform bed, which can be a comfortable spot to spend your evenings! Add a mattress and pillows to make it more enjoyable.

4. DIY Outdoor Daybed

DIY Outdoor Bed Projects & Ideas you can try

Construct a daybed using pressure-treated lumber, plywood, lattice sheet, screws, bedding, a saw, drill, and nail gun. Visit Rain On A Tin Roof to get the step by step directions.

5. Porch Seating Bed

Give a corner of your porch a complete makeover by setting this custom porch seating. You’ll need plywood, lumber, wooden posts, mattress, pillows, and other hardware supplies.

6. Platform Bed For Outdoors

An outdoor platform bed is a perfect way to add an extra charm to your outdoor setting while giving you a lovely place to spend your time. Build a bed frame using wooden posts and finish it with a mattress and some pillows. Get the project at DIY Network.

7. Outdoor Daybed DIY

Some amazing DIY Outdoor Bed Projects & Ideas

If you lack a yard or garden space and still wish to establish an outdoor daybed, this DIY will suit your needs.

8. Outdoor Swinging Bed

Build this swinging bed in your yard and decorate it with curtains, string lights, and pillows to make it cozier. Visit Run To Radiance to know more.

9. Platform Daybed

DIY Outdoor Bed Projects & Ideas for you

Make the outer frame of your platform bed with legs attached to each corner, and for more stability, build a backrest. The tutorial is at HGTV.

10. Outdoor Sectional

An alternative to daybed is this DIY outdoor sectional, which saves a little extra space in the area. Construct it using wooden posts, drills, nails, and other supplies. Get help from the video below.

11. Grass Daybed

How about laying grass sheets on an outdoor daybed instead of foam mattresses? This tutorial makes it possible for you to enjoy evenings outdoors while sitting on the grass!

12. DIY Pallet Daybed Frame

DIY Outdoor Bed Projects & Ideas 9

If you love to spend romantic nights under the sky, this pallet bed frame with nightstand is the right pick. Stack backside dice sections from pallet boards to build the structure and proceed with the steps here.

13. Pallet Bed Frame

Add a different style to your outdoor pallet bed by designing it with a chevron headboard. We found the idea here.

14. Trampoline Daybed

DIY Outdoor Bed Projects & Ideas 8

Recycle an old trampoline to create a swinging bed with a shed in your garden without taking up much space. Take inspiration from here.

15. Multipurpose Rolling Pallet Daybed

Use pallet woods and rollers to DIY this multipurpose rolling DIY pallet daybed in no time. You can use it outdoors and bring it indoors whenever you need more sitting arrangements.

16. Modern Pallet Daybed

Not just this daybed adds a modern appeal to its surroundings, but it’s movable as well to shift it indoors during rain. Find the directions in detail at Pretty Prudent.

17. DIY Pallet Daybed

DIY Outdoor Bed Projects & Ideas 5

Attach a foam mattress to a piece of plywood that fits your pallet rightly with the help of a fabric and glue gun. Now put the plywood cushion on to the pallets and enjoy your day in the open air! For details, click here!

18.DIY Headboard Bench

Even if not a bed, this DIY headboard bench is as equal an outdoor daybed to spend leisure time outside. You need headboards, wood filler, drill, nails, spray paint, and wood planks.

19. Outdoor Cabana Lounge

DIY Outdoor Bed Projects & Ideas 3

Take your outdoor experience to a new level with this outdoor Cabana Lounge put in your yard. Build it with a circular saw, screws, drill, post caps, string lights, and this tutorial.

20. Pallet Sofa

Arrange six euro-style pallets in an L shape and put the bottom parts of some other pallets to build the back of the sofa. Finish off the project by setting the mattresses and cushions on the couch.

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