5 Best Garden Shows on Netflix

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Can you name a better iconic duo than Netflix and Gardening? We have compiled a list of the Best Garden Shows on Netflix that you must watch!

Best Garden Shows on Netflix

If you love gardening then you must watch these Best Garden Shows on Netflix that will surely give you more idea on how to do it right along with detailed insights on plants!

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Best Garden Shows on Netflix

1. The Big Flower Fight

If you want to watch an exciting show on gardening, this one could just be the perfect one for you! It shows garden scapers, designers, florists, and sculptors showcasing their artwork at London’s Royal Botanic Gardens.

2. Love Your Garden

Best Garden Shows on Netflix 2

An English gardener, Alan Titchmarsh travels the country in search of dream gardeners that all could be inspired by.

On the show, they create stunning gardening spaces to show you how you can too live your dream garden at home!

3. Big Dreams, Small Spaces

In Big Dreams, Small Spaces, Monty Don hosts the show and helps amateur gardeners transform their gardens into the yard of their dreams!

Monty is a popular English TV host, speaker, writer on horticulture and is most popular for hosting the BBC TV series Gardeners’ World.

4. Monty Don’s French Gardens

Best Garden Shows on Netflix 3

If you love the Great Monty Don, Big Dreams, Small Spaces and feel you just want to watch some of it more, then this show could be the next TV show.

Monty pays a visit to a few of the most amazing gardens in France and tells you all about the details that will surely inspire you to make a similar one for yourself!

5. Stay Here

Not exactly a garden show, but it comes close because of the exotic homes it features with fabulous and lavish gardens. You can take a lot of inspiration when it comes to the design and arrangements of a yard from its episodes!

Some Honorable Mentions!

  • Gardeners’ World, Instant Gardener, and Yard Crushers on Apple TV.
  • The Victory Garden, Grow, Cook, Eat, The Science of Gardening, and Martha Knows Best on Amazon Prime.

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